Andy Rubin lavishes praise on Apple and its products

Andy Rubin lavishes praise on Apple and its products
Andy Rubin (dubbed by many "the father of Android") is known as a straight-talking person - we all remember how he wrote off Windows Phone 7 before it was even released. However, that's not to say that he can't speak highly of Android's rivals - and the example below illustrates it perfectly well.

When asked during the D: Dive Into Mobile show what his opinion on Apple is, Rubin was gentle (and we presume honest) in his response:

“I think everybody is embracing the iPhone. I think that Apple makes good consumer products and focuses on a robust consumer experience and consistency across applications. More recently, I see them getting involved in the other end of the mobile spectrum, which is services–the App Store, iTunes, etc. I think that when you move into the services business, it creates a lot of new opportunities. If the operating system is the razor, then services are the blades.”

Respect where it's due, you know. Rubin seems to like to get his message across and he found some time to praise Apple, regardless of the fact that it's Android's main opponent in the OS battle. Classy.

source: Digital Daily

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