Google's Rubin says Windows Phone 7 not needed

Google's Rubin says Windows Phone 7 not needed
Google's Andy Rubin could be called the 'Father of Android' besides being known as the VP of engineering for the Mountain View based company. PC Magazine recently had the opportunity to sit down with Rubin and as usual, the man had some very interesting things to say.

As for the soon to be launched Windows Phone 7, Rubin says, "I think the screen shots I've seen are interesting, but look, the world doesn't need another platform. Android is free and open; I think the only reason you create another platform is for political reasons."

The executive also is very partial toward Flash, relieved that phones equipped with the Adobe software no longer show a question mark inside a box. Rubin said, "
So, no more Web sites with little boxes with question marks in them - that's pretty cool. That's pretty binary. So I would say I want Flash, period, because I want to see the full Web and not just a portion of it. And once you get the full Web there's just some optimization that over months and years will just get better and better. I'm confident. It's just code."

Other topics touch upon by the Google VP include improvements to the Android browser, better gaming support for the next version of the OS and the fragmentation of Android. For more of Rubin's answers, check out the source link.

source: PCMag

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