Andromeda to launch on 7-inch Google-Huawei 'Nexus' tablet

Andromeda to launch on 7-inch Google-Huawei 'Nexus' tablet
With Google well and truly at the forefront of the rumor mill, the updates are arriving thick and fast. A short while ago, we heard that the company's Andromeda OS could be targeted at 2-in-1 hybrid slabs, with a 12-inch 'Pixel 3' apparently in the works for 2017. Now, further info from 9to5Google suggests Huawei's enigmatic Nexus device could be the first to run Andromeda, in a report that also throws weight behind next year's larger device.

Though Google's Nexus line may be killed off in favor of a new Pixel initiative, a 7-inch Huawei-made device has been rumored before now. This report does not confirm any of the specs, or even that the device will, in fact, carry the Nexus name. But from what's been leaked before, the slate could pack Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820, 4 gigs of RAM and 13-megapixel camera

The report also confirms 9to5Google's recent suggestion that the Nexus 9 is being used to test Andromeda. However, this is said to be merely for testing and research purposes; consumers will apparently not see Andromeda on the Nexus 9 in any capacity.

Finally, the report legitimizes the idea that Google will release a larger device, perhaps called the Pixel 3, later this year. It doesn't go into any specific details, but it's assumed that Google is going after the likes of the Surface Pro, iPad Pro and other devices of that nature. 

Could Google be planning to launch this device with Andromeda at the October 4th event? Let us know what you make of these rumors in the comments below!

source: 9to5Google



1. kiko007

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2. Scott93274

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I know! I'm not sure if I'm happy about it or not though. I really want to see everything all at once from Google itself and not wonder if the information is legit or BS for the next week.

10. alila2

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an upcoming nexus device means two things. 1. it's too late to rebrand it as a pixel. 2. the nexus brand is still alive and becoming more like the old Google play edition devices. hardware is already made just slap on the nexus brand and through in vanilla android. hopefully it stay alive because i would love to see a zte axon 7 nexus

11. alila2

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18. VZWuser76

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Somewhere over the weekend I saw an article that said someone inside of Google said something to the effect that the Nexus wasn't dead. They may have been referring to this tablet, but some are speculating that he may have been referring to phones as well. And if anything, I think the Pixel phones are taking the place of the GPS phones. Those were more geared towards consumers who wanted a premium device with stock Android and fast updates. The Nexus line was always geared more towards developers and enthusiasts who liked to root and tinker.

14. aegislash

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I cannot wait to see what the Andromeda UI is going to be like. I understand that it will most probably only be a tablet/laptop OS, but as smartphone screens keep growing, who knows what the future could hold. I still remember the feelings I got when I first saw Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich....they merged their tablet and phone versions of Android into one beautiful, stunning looking user interface. Everything just looked and felt so futuristic. Here's hoping Andromeda will give me those good feelings all over again.

17. MaryPoopins

Posts: 324; Member since: Jan 15, 2015

YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!! A new 7" Tablet. I'm so happy I could cry right now.

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