Android smartphone prototype with “Intel inside” gets taken for a spin

Android smartphone prototype with “Intel inside” gets taken for a spin
This isn't the first time when we hear news about Intel entering the smartphone scene with a processor of its own. However, what makes today's news unique is that we are finally given a glimpse at what an actual Android smartphone with an Intel chip inside may look like.

The guys at Technology Review got to play with a prototype unit like the one you see depicted below. Reportedly, the smartphone has an Atom processor, codenamed Medfield, under its hood and runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread. What is said about the device is that it is similar to an iPhone, both in terms of looks and dimensions, but it is considerably lighter due to the use of plastic over glass and metal in its construction. And as far as its performance is concerned, the prototype handles high-definition video playback, wireless streaming to HDTVs, and surfing the web without a hitch. It is also mentioned that the Medfield chip is optimized for running Android apps and smooth web browsing.

Of course, the device you see here is just a “reference design” that manufacturers may use as a starting point to build their Intel-based smart devices around. An actual handset or tablet with the same Medfield chip inside might end up looking nothing like it. Speaking of which, it is hinted that news regarding the devices, in which the chip will debut, are likely to be unveiled at CES next month, and an actual device will be announced within the first half of 2012.

source: Technology Review via Android Community

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