Android app plays 20 questions and almost never loses

Android app plays 20 questions and almost never loses
If you are an Android owner and have some time to kill, or want to be the life of the party, install Akinator on your device. For about $2.00, the software challenges you in a game of twenty questions and can usually find the most obscure person or character, dead or alive. We tested the app and was amazed that it picked out our selection of Owl Jolson, the bird from the famous cartoon who sang, "I wanna sing about the moon-a and the June-a" and even displayed a picture of the bird. Not to say that the software was always correct. The late rhythm guitarist, Doug Fieger, from The Knack was over looked as was Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein. On the other hand, Google CEO Eric Schmidt was correctly guessed, although it took 30 questions. The software also tells you how many times other users selected the same person or character. For example, Schmidt was selected by 86 other players of the game. You can install the app from the Android Market.

Thanks, Michael and Brandy


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1. NOVAinc

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This amazing game has been out too for the iPhone, so if you're an iPhone user and are interested on it you can get it here: As this is originally a web game since 2007 you can check it out for free here:

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