Android M Developer Preview has a multi-window feature, but it's buggy and getting it is rather tricky


Just as we supposed, one of the features that many Android users are lusting after - a multi-window functionality - is obviously among the feature list of the developer preview of Android M

Albeit experimental and pretty tricky to enable, the feature is here and is certainly hinting that multi-window will be included in the final release of the OS.

You can get this feature if you're running the developer preview right now, but it will require some tinkering. At the end of the day though, you can try a extremely alpha version of a multi-window feature that employs a split-screen view and allows you to use two apps at once. Given its extremely early stage of development, it's pretty normal that this feature comes with a whole bushel of bugs and issues.

Hopefully, this undoubtedly handy feature will indeed make an appearance in either one of the upcoming developer previews or the final release of Android M.

source: Reddit

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