Analysts predict 17 million WP7 sales in 2011

Analysts predict 17 million WP7 sales in 2011
Microsoft is holding their breath and crossing their fingers, hoping that their hard work and OS overhaul will be noticed and appreciated by consumers. According to Digitimes research analyst Luke Lin, Microsoft will be rewarded with a 5.1% share of the global smartphone OS market in 2011.

A 5.1% share of the anticipated 340 million smartphone sales in 2011 works out to 17 million handsets. That sounds like a respectable figure to us, especially when you consider their measly 3% share as of Q3 2010. But Microsoft is probably disappointed.

Microsoft predicted earlier this year that they would sell 30 million of their handsets in 2011. That would have worked out to almost 9% of the smartphone market, and a three-fold increase over their Windows Mobile footprint.

An investor's perspective might say that they should have focused on improving and rebranding the Windows Mobile OS, rather than spending US$1 billion, and countless R&D hours to only increase their share by 2.1%.

But Microsoft shouldn't get discouraged. Their new update is coming out, which will surely improve the perception of their OS. Also, as their Marketplace grows, the average consumer will no longer perceive Android and iOS as the only way to get great apps. Like anything worth doing, it will take time.

source: Digitimes via WMPoweruser



4. donzebe unregistered

I think Microsoft percentage will grow by end 2011. WP7 is simply the best and most freindly UI out there, any former iphone and android user i have met agreed. The probem is maybe in the US, wp7 phones are not being push or advertize by carrier as compare to the android and iphones. most sales reps will first intruduce customers to the android and iphones before the wp7. Also on TV there is hardly any Ads for WP7 phones.

3. The Big L unregistered

I'm on the sideline waiting to see how service, quality and other customers opinion of these devices are.

2. HIFIGUY unregistered

The quality will sell itself. Everyone I know that has a WP7 phone loves it, and many of them were former iphone users. Variety under the Windows 7 platform in conjunction with pulling together many other services will most likely make this a grand slam for Microsoft.

1. remixfa

Posts: 14605; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

give it a year of solid performance, high end handsets, and a few killer apps and people might start washing the WM6 taste out of their mouth and trying it again. its going to take time.

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