AnTuTu: Galaxy S7 with Snapdragon GPU scores 20% higher than the Exynos version

Galaxy S7 with Exynos 8890 scores more than 100K benchmark points, tips AnTuTu
The folks from AnTuTu benchmark revealed about three weeks ago that a Samsung SM-G930F has been popping up in their database, and, since the Galaxy S6 is coded as SM-G920, they rightfully concluded this must be its sequel, the Galaxy S7. At the time, they only revealed the specs of the device - a 5.1" Quad HD display, Exynos 8890 processor, and a 12 MP camera - promising that they will post the handset's results as soon as someone runs AnTuTu on it.

Well, that day has come, and AnTuTu's Weibo account just listed the trial run scores of what is said to be the international version of the Galaxy S7, posted from France. The global version is powered by Samsung Exynos 8890, and it scored the whopping 105, 000 points on AnTuTu, which is a breathtaking result, no matter how you slice it. 

Not as breathtaking as the Snapdragon 820 version, though. Previously, the AnTuTu gang boasted that the AT&T version of the S7 Edge has appeared in its database, denoted as SM-G935A, carrying the same specs as the G930F here, with the notable difference of being powered by a Snapdragon 820 processor, instead of Exynos 8890. Then they posted a benchmark comparison of a Galaxy S7 with Qualcomm's processor, and it scored the eye-watering 125, 288 points. They have apparently compared the benchmark scores of the phones with both chipsets, and now estimate that this 105, 000 Exynos score is about 20, 000 points lower than that of the version with Snapdragon 820 that was posted before. 

The difference, they say, stems mainly from the GPU score, indicating that the Adreno 530 GPU beast will do pretty well for those hardcore gamers out there. Samsung uses the Mali-T880MP12 graphics processor in Exynos 8890, with no less than twelve cores in it, yet it is still a generic ARM architecture, compared to the customized Adreno line. Both chipsets are so powerful, though, that there won't be any game available at the Play Store to really take their GPUs to the task anyway, so these synthetic benchmark scores would be just for bragging rights, plus when the final retail units hit, the gap might be narrowed down further.

source: AnTuTu (Weibo)

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