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Amazon's first Fire Phone commercial is somewhat surprising

Amazon's first Fire Phone commercial is somewhat surprising
Available to pre-order since last month, Amazon’s Fire Phone won’t ship before July 25, when it will be released via both Amazon and AT&T (which is the handset’s exclusive carrier). Until that happens, Amazon today unleashed its first Fire Phone commercial - one that’ll probably surprise a lot of people.

The commercial (embedded below) centers on the discussion of two kids who, for some mysterious reason, act like grown-ups. They talk about the Fire Phones they each have, revealing some of the content “on deck”. One of the kids - the girl - then explains to a young woman that the Fire Phone comes with Amazon Prime, thus offering “tons of stuff for no extra charge.” The other kid - the boy - concludes: “I’ve been on this Earth for 9 years and I’ve never seen anything like it.”

We’re not quite sure why Amazon used kids for this commercial, but maybe it did it with the sole purpose of making a cute ad. In reality, however, when kids use Amazon, they usually end up spending lots of money on in-app purchases without their parents' permission. 

According to Mashable, Amazon will have a second Fire Phone commercial ready to debut on July 24.

The 32GB version of the Fire Phone costs $199 on contract, while the 64GB variant can be yours for $299. And, of course, you do get a free 1-yr subscription to Amazon Prime in both cases.

Previous rumors had it that Amazon may ship 3 million Fire Phones before the end of the year - if that happens, the device will certainly be a success, though maybe not a game changer. For more about the handset, check out our Amazon Fire Phone hands-on.

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