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Amazon developing video gaming streaming service for smartphones

Amazon developing video gaming streaming service for smartphones
After Verizon, another giant is reportedly gearing up to launch its own video gaming streaming service for mobile devices – Amazon. However, unlike Verizon which is expected to launch the service at some point this year, Amazon's service is rumored to arrive in 2020.

A new report from the Information explains that Amazon's cloud computing service will be the backbone of the upcoming video gaming streaming service meant to bring high-profile titles to all smartphones or any other device capable of streaming.

Amazon is already dabbling in the gaming industry with its Twitch live streaming video platform, so it makes perfect sense for the U.S. giant to try to compete with other players in the video gaming streaming market like Microsoft and Google.

Because they eliminate the need for players to purchase expensive hardware like PCs and consoles to run complex games, allowing customers to play them on devices like smartphones and tablets, streaming services have the potential of further expanding gaming industry toa new type of consumers.

For the time being, Amazon is looking for partners that will help build an appealing catalog of games by the time its streaming service will go live. Negotiations with games publishers are in full swing, but no names have been revealed yet.


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