Amazon prepping a Samsung-made Android tablet to pour all of its services in

Amazon prepping a Samsung-made Android tablet to pour all of its services in
Ever since the stellar success of the Kindle e-reader, the idea about an Amazon tablet has sparked the imagination of analysts and commentators alike. These rumors reached a tipping point lately, and a bunch of industry observers say it's somewhat of an open secret that Amazon will soon out its own Android tablet.

Considering the online retail giant already has an application store up and running, plus it has all your credit card details, its tablet's popularity can quickly spread like fire. Amazon has all the right tools to make it stick with consumers, too, and create its own ecosystem, since it has the music downloads and the Amazon Instant Video streaming service, not to mention its formidable e-books presence.

The slate is supposedly being made by Samsung, and, again supposedly, is a 7-incher, but anything beyond that is mired in mystery. Considering Asus is able to sell the Eee Pad Transformer for $399, and it is a very powerful tablet, Amazon might manage to out something really affordable, in order to suck users into its unique physical goods/virtual services consumption ecosystem.

source: GDGT via Engadget



1. davecann2

Posts: 460; Member since: Mar 15, 2011

This is great news for any Android Fan! I like good competition and I think Amazon can bring it! By the time Amazon gets this device ready to hit the shelves Android OS will be tweeked enough to make it a stable enough environment for my liking. Not saying that i am going to trade in my ipad for this but i might consider it in a year or two after I see its success.

3. protozeloz

Posts: 5396; Member since: Sep 16, 2010

Its one of the good sides i find on 'Fragmentation' companies come with ideas we may have never consider and the tech keeps growing.... I bet goggle has learn a lot from manufacturers

2. green2u unregistered

Yes! Bring on a good 7-inch tablet from a company I trust at a price that is around $250. Amazon will maker their money back and then some from Amazon product downloads.

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