Amazon is giving out $25 gift cards to anyone buying a WP7 smartphone starting May 30

Amazon is giving out $25 gift cards to anyone buying a WP7 smartphone starting May 30
Windows Phone 7 has been on the spotlight of late after Microsoft showed off some of the new features expected to come along with its Mango update, but in the short term for those considering picking up a handset, Amazon has an upcoming enticing offer to smooth things over.

From the looks of it, the online retail giant will be offering buyers of any Windows Phone 7 smartphone a free $25 Amazon Gift Card with their purchase – thus giving back some much needed cash to you. Although there isn’t any particular reason why they’re only offering the gift card with Windows Phone 7 devices, it does come at a great time nonetheless now that Verizon is finally in the game with the HTC Trophy. Moreover, AT&T customers should start seeing the HTC HD7S arriving for them as well in the near future, but it’s unknown if the offer will still be valid at that point.

Either way, there are plenty of other options available to customers, and considering that some models are priced almost at free with a contract, the extra $25 you’ll be getting back can be better spent on some other useful items; or accessories.

via WP Central


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