Alleged app list from the LG G3 for Sprint appears, hints at 'concierge' services and fingerprint authentication

Alleged app list from the LG G3 for Sprint appears, hints at 'concierge' services and fingerprint
We are largely aware of the broad strokes in hardware and design when it comes to LG's flagship G3, about to be unveiled some time in June. When it comes to the software preinstalled on the device, however, all we know is that it will come with some sort of "advanced personalization," allegedly trying to learn your usage patterns and adapt to your habits.

Thanks to an LG-LS990 handset user agent profile, however, a few apps that will eventually come preinstalled on the phone have been unearthed. This LS990 codename is the alleged LG G3 for Sprint, so the listed software is a mix of LG's own, and 3rd party apps, but still gives us the first overview of the application set on the G3 flagship.

Some of these, like QMemo+, QVoice+, EasyHome, Enterprise Suite, or SmartShare Cloud – LG Cloud, we already know from LG's Optimus UI, and the plus sign indicates they might have been updated with new features. Others, like the new Concierge-Board, Favorite Contacts(W), Tangible Reality IO, and G-Board, might have something to do with the "advanced personalization" that our own G3 tipster was talking about. In addition, we have PayPal, McAfee Mobile Security, and LG Account, which could hint that the G3 would indeed sport a fingerprint sensor for secure access and purchasing authorisation. Judging from the leaked pictures of the LG isai LGL24, said fingerprint sensor might be the elliptic thingy on the back of the phone, next to the volume rocker.

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