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Alleged Galaxy S6 specs tipped: premium chassis, 5.1" Quad HD display, 20 MP OIS camera

Alleged Galaxy S6 specs tipped: premium chassis, 5.1" Quad HD display, 20 MP OIS camera
It looks like the hotly-anticipated Galaxy S6 might come with a 20 MP camera, after all, just as one of the leaked benchmark database scores inferred recently. Sources claim that the S6's 20 MP shooter will also be equipped with optical image stabilization technology, perhaps similar to the one already in the Galaxy Note 4.


Not only that, but this latest leak now reveals for the first time the purported screen diagonal of the most expected flagship for the year. The Galaxy S6 is said to sport a 5.1" display, or the same size as its predecessor, but with a Quad HD resolution. The Galaxy S5 LTE-A has a 5.1" Quad HD Super AMOLED display, if you recall, with the current highest 577ppi pixel density on a phone, so that's what Samsung might be using in the S6, too. Bear in mind that this reported screen diagonal clashes with most we've heard so far about the display size, which some said we'll be as large as 5.5". The insiders have also revealed a Gorilla Glass 4 protective sheet on top of the display, which sounds about right, as the new Note 4 is using precisely that as well. 

Here are a few of the display characteristics of the 5.1" QHD Super AMOLED display of the S5 LTE-A, as measured by AnandTech - the panel is surprisingly accurate in terms of colors, with the typical low AMOLED brightness, though the source says the S6 will have superior brightness levels, just like Samsung did with the S5.


Sifting further through the eventual specs sheet we find a 5 MP f/1.8 front-facing camera with real-time HDR being mentioned, probably the same wide-angle unit that is in the new A-series. The Galaxy S6 is supposed to come with 32 / 64 / 128 GB storage versions, but, if history is any indication, the 128-gigger might never materialize in the end. The phone would allegedly offer some sort of quick and wireless charging abilities, with 10 minutes of charge bringing about four hours of usage, not bad at all.

Finally, the sources revealed that a "64-bit eight-core 14nm CPU which is 50% faster" will be running the show, and it is not hard to gauge which one, as Bloomberg already confirmed yesterday that Samsung will ditch Snapdragon 810 for the Galaxy S6, at least with the first batches, and go with its own Exynos 7 Octa chipset, which happens to be built precisely with the 14nm process. The Exynos SoC won't be paired with the crazy Cat. 9 LTE modem that Samsung placed in the Note 4 S-LTE, but rather a more modest Cat. 6 piece, which would still allow for up to 300 Mbps downlink speeds, if your carrier can support those at all, that is.


What we are really miffed about, though, is the reported 2550 mAh battery, which would be a step back for Samsung's flagship Galaxy S-line now. There could be a few possible explanations here, if the battery capacity mentioned holds water - the Galaxy S6 will eventually come with metal-and-glass fusion of a chassis, which might be rather thin, precluding Samsung from fitting a larger battery in there. Another possible scenario is that the screen panel is very power-sipping, so that this battery pack would be enough to keep it on for many hours on end. 

Indeed, as you can see on the right, the Galaxy S5 LTE-A held extremely well in the battery test made by AnandTech a while ago, so we have every reason to believe that, if the S6 ends up with the same or a similar panel, battery life might be commensurate with the one of the S5, or even better, despite the high-density display and the eventual downsizing of the battery pack.

The leaked specs sheet also mentions some new service initiatives will be in store by the time of the Galaxy S6 announcement, called Samsung Pay, a form of mobile transactions service, which would allegedly work with 90% of existing magnetic stripe and NFC payment terminals. As always, take all these with a large grain of salt - they might sound very plausible, but are originating from one source only, though so far we've had tangential proof through tips and leaked benchmarks on most of these specs, save for the screen diagonal.

source: BGR
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