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Adobe's Photoshop Camera app will take your deepfake game to a scary level


After releasing the Photoshop for the iPad app as a $9.99 subscription service, Adobe just previewed a Photoshop Camera app at its MAX 2019 keynote presentation. In one fell swoop, it aims to take computational photography, already proven to be the bee's knees on iPhones and Pixels, and spread it to all brands and models out there.

Decked out with plethora of filters and faux lens representation, the Photoshop Camera app can take both your photography and Instagram game to a whole new level. The app makes swapping backgrounds and adding objects a breeze to the extent that Adobe is actually worried about the consequences of such a powerful reality-altering tool. You know, deepfakes and all.

Thus, it is working on privacy and image authenticity initiatives to accompany the Photoshop Camera app when it launches next year. UC Berkeley researchers are already at it,  creating a tool for Adobe that can recognize and warn a doctored image. The imagery and the algorithms that are applied to it, will also be done on-device, as an extra precaution. 

Besides the intense background or foreground elements manipulation, you can also add more popular enhancement like what you are used to do with Instagram filters or Snapchat lenses. 

Hey, Adobe even teamed up with Billie Eilish for lenses resembling what you see in her music videos, so you can guess where the Photoshop Camera app is heading, just with the professional Adobe twist. We'd take it, and will be giving it a spin when Adobe sends out a preview version.
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