Adding Flash 10.1 has negative effect on stock Android browser

Adding Flash 10.1 has negative effect on stock Android browser
Sometimes you need to be careful what you wish for-because it just might come true. For years, smartphone users have been wanting Adobe Flash capabilities on their mobile browser. Now that Android 2.2 brings Flash 10.1 with it, yes, web sites on the phone resemble what you see on your computer screen. But in exchange for being able to see all of the animations and video that Flash provides, the browser's speed and performance drops off tremendously. No one would  have taken this contest seriously except that Google is saying that the increase in handset speed provided by the JIT compiling that Android features on the 2.2 OS, makes the stock browser on Froyo the fastest mobile browser. In this taped contest between the iPhone's mobile Safari, the N-One with the stock Android browser running Flash 10.1, and the HTC HD2 using Opera Mobile 9.7 , the truth is that the iPhone's mobile Safari beats out Android each time. Disable Flash, and the N-One browser is the quickest. Not only does Flash slow down the Android browser, it also makes the usually smooth kinetic scrolling extremely choppy. All these years everyone has demanded Flash, and it does work great providing animation and video, but you might end up turning Flash support off when you see how it turns a hare into a turtle.

source: PocketNow

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