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AT&T to introduce several smartphones

AT&T to introduce several smartphones
Now, here is a piece of news for everyone, who is on the lookout for a new smartphone. First off, we have the HTC Lancaster (previously known as the Memphis) that is expected to hit AT&T stores August 3. It looks like a QWERTY version of the Magic, with its key features being, of course, the Android OS and a unique HTC social messaging user interface.

The Lancaster is to be closely followed by two other HTC phones, - the Touch Pro2 (Fortress) and Touch Diamond2 (Warhawk).  Unfortunately, it seems the documents referring to these two are not up to date as release dates don’t look much realistic. The Touch Pro2 is said to come out on May 25, which, short of a miracle, is not going happen. It will be upgradeable to WM 6.5, but a “WM 7.X refresh” is also mentioned, with a September release date. This would have sounded a lot more plausible if the paper said a WM 6.5 refresh. Also, notice that the keyboard has a num pad, just like an ordinary PC. However, since the spec list says a "five-row keyboard", we figure the final model will have a different keypad. As for the Touch Diamond2, it is listed for release August 24 coming with preisntalled WM 6.5, we can only hope it really is so.

HTC Touch Pro2 Preliminary Specifications

HTC Touch Diamond2 Specifications | Review

If you are getting bored of all the WM stuff, you would probably like to know that first release date guesses for the Palm Eos are already around and according to a leaked presentation, it should be launched sometime in the second half of the year.

Palm Eos Preliminary Specifications

In the end, we have a nice surprise coming from HP. The manufacturer is expected to get back to the smartphone scene with their new iPAQ K3, codenamed the Obsidian. The iPAQ K3 is said to run WM 6.5 when shipments commence November 30. Listed features also include a front-facing QWERTY, 2.8-inch touchscreen, 528MHz processor, 256MB RAM and so on.

While the provided specifications look feasible, the releasedates might not be really correct, because the documentitself seems a bit old. For additional details, take a look at the images!

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