AT&T commits to post-8107 Windows Phone updates

AT&T commits to post-8107 Windows Phone updates
AT&T has made a commitment to address Windows Phone updates, including the 8107 debacle, in the coming months. In case you need a refresher, Microsoft’s 8107 update is the one that addresses the disappearing keyboard issue and a variety of other security fixes.

AT&T infamously decided not to support the update, creating a bit of a scene over at its support forums that eventually lead to users accusing AT&T of censoring dissatisfied customers by deleting their complaint posts with no explanation or warning.

An AT&T Community Manager, Jamileh, has publically posted on their forums to address the 8107 issue as well as reaffirm AT&T’s commitment to providing updates. The post reads:

Unfortunately an ETA was not provided, but it is good to see AT&T finally stepping up to the plate and providing Windows Phone adopters with the updates they deserve.

source: AT&T via WPCentral

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