AT&T deleting complaint posts from support forum?

AT&T deleting complaint posts from support forum?
The AT&T Windows Phone support forums is where word broke that the company would not support Microsoft’s 8107 update that addresses the disappearing keyboard issue and a variety of other security fixes. Needless to say, it turned into a torch and pitchfork scene over there rather quickly.

Beginning on Saturday night, reports started coming in that complaint posts were being deleted without warning or reason. Many users stated that when they clicked on the email notifications for the posts they were subscribed to, the replies were mysteriously deleted.

One user, Jamon723, said in particular of the events,

Unjustified censoring of dissatisfied customers isn’t exactly a good look, especially considering that AT&T has recently received the lowest score for wireless customer care performance by JD Power, the lowest rating for customer service by ACSI, and the lowest satisfaction rating for cell-phone standard service providers according to Consumer Reports.

The thread has simmered down quite a bit from the other night. There has been no official word from AT&T’s camp on the events over the weekend, but it does appear that some shady business may have went down.

source: AT&T via WPCentral


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