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AT&T adds new tiers to its Mobile Share plan; Nokia Lumia 520 to be priced at $99.99 for GoPhone

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AT&T adds new tiers to its Mobile Share plan; Nokia Lumia 520 to be priced at $99.99 for GoPhone
AT&T is adding two lower cost tiers to its Mobile Share plan. Previously, the lowest cost monthly data plan available from the carrier was 1GB, which cost $40 a month. Now, AT&T is adding a 300MB tier for $20 a month. That really doesn't give consumers that much data, but if someone is using Wi-Fi most of the time, this plan could be a money saver. Additionally, AT&T is adding a 2GB monthly data plan for $50 a month. Prior to that new level, AT&T customers needing more than 1GB of data were forced to jump to 4GB for $70 a month.

The plans offer AT&T customers unlimited talk and text monthly, plus whatever amount of data they sign for. In addition to the price of the data, there is a cost for each phone connected to a particular tier. For example, with the 300MB plan, each smartphone joining will cost $50 a month. For the new 2GB plan, it will cost you $45 monthly per phone signed up for that tier.

Additionally, AT&T also has announced the pricing on the Nokia Lumia 520 for its pre-paid GoPhone service. This is essentially the same model that T-Mobile's pre-paid service has been selling out as the Nokia Lumia 521. The Nokia Lumia 520 will be $99.99 with no contract necessary. It is a low-end model, but does include some pretty cool features including Cinemagraph that brings motion to your still shots. The camera has the ability to capture super-wide-angled pictures, and the Smart Shoot feature lets you choose from 5 different shots of the same scene to put together the best picture. Nokia's mapping and navigation apps are also included.

The Nokia Lumia 520 for GoPhone will have HSPA+ connectivity, but will not hook up to AT&T's LTE network. The phone will be available on July 26th.

AT&T's Mobile Share service after the new tiers are added

source: CNET

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