AT&T Street Charge brings free solar powered charging to NYC, allows you to juice up phones and tablets at the beach


Summer is in full swing and if you are not at home, chances are you are enjoying the sun at the beach or somewhere in the outdoors. Suddenly, you realize you’ve forgotten to make a very important phone call. Your mighty smartphone might be able to communicate with space, but with a dead battery it’s good for nothing.

That’s why the nation’s second biggest carrier is rolling out its AT&T Street Charge initiative where it deploys solar-powered mobile charging stations free for everyone to enjoy. That’s what we call good marketing in action. The Coney Island, Rockaway, Brighton and Manhattan beaches are all covered, and are just some of the city-wide locations.

Here is a list of the places where you can plug in and charge up in New York, courtesy of AT&T Street Charge:

  • Coney Island
  • Rockaway Beach
  • Brighton Beach
  • Manhattan Beach
  • Hudson River Park
  • Rumsey Playfield in Central Park
  • Orchard Beach
  • Piers 1 and 5 at Brooklyn Bridge Park
  • Union Square Park
  • Governor’s Island

For all the tiny details, do not hesitate to hit the full press release right below.

source: AT&T

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