AT&T Developer Summit hackathon at CES started on Saturday with focus on wearables

AT&T Developer Summit hackathon at CES started on Saturday with focus on wearables
AT&T's Developer Summit hackathon, which runs for 48 hours every year during CES, started on Saturday and runs until Sunday. This year, there is a focus on wearables. Participants will be able to choose between a Wearables Track and an AT&T API Track when building an original app for the hackathon, which offers a $25,000 first prize. Those reaching the finals from each group, will appear on stage with AT&T executives to make a fast pitch during the keynote at the AT&T Developer Summit keynote on Monday.

AT&T will provide those participating with devices from Samsung, Pebble, Plantronics and other brands. Those attending can also build their own wearables from scratch.  AT&T has discovered some great ideas in the past from the hackathon, and the company remains hopeful that it will this year, too. Besides getting to play around with AT&T APIs, those entering get to use AT&T M2X. The latter is a cloud based storage system which lets users manage data from M2M devices.

The action already started on Saturday and you can check out the slideshow below to see images of the hackathon as it got underway at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

source: AT&T (1), (2), @PebbleDev via AndroidCentral



1. ihavenoname

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Have you noticed; almost everybody in almost all tech events (like Keynotes, Google I/O, CES, etc.) use Macbook. Nobody ever seems to have Windows laptop. Same thing with YouTubers, they usually use Macbook (well, many have gaming PC). No hate to Windows, I own Windows 8 laptop, I'm just wondering.

2. naveenstuns

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U know there's a thing called showoffs? And apple products are good for it.

3. Teja171 unregistered

yeah, you are correct, its the same problem with stupid Iphones. Showoff everywhere ? S**t apple products.

4. rihel_95

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And almost everyone uses Boot Camp to load Windows into Mac!

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