A wrap-around display: do we even want that?

A wrap-around display: do we even want that?
Well, the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha is a thing... The Chinese giant's newest phablet is nothing short of impressive. With its wrap-around screen, the phone glows from every direction. Extraordinary tech? For sure! Practical? Eh... the jury is still out.

Let's forget about the fact that the Mi Mix Alpha will cost almost $3,000 and just think in practical terms.

The handset has no mechanical keys and you will have to use taps on the sides of the device to control volume or sleep / wake. Glass sandwich phones are already a slippery mess, if the Mi Mix Alpha has oleophobic coating applied to all of its sides it's only going to get worse. That's fine, though, you can get a case for it... wait, can you? And what exactly do we stand to gain? OK, we can use the phone's main cameras for selfies, because there's a screen on the back, and we certainly get a "wow" factor out of it. But is there more practicality there, or the potential for such? What do you think?

Do you see any practical use in having a wrap-around screen?

Eh... no?
Yeah, it could possibly have a purpose


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