A Redmi Note 7 Pro’s battery exploded, reportedly due to prior damage

A Redmi Note 7 Pro’s battery exploded, reportedly due to prior damage
It’s been a long time since we’ve heard about a smartphone exploding due to battery issues. However, we have received information from TechRadar about a case of a Redmi Note 7 Pro exploding in India. Vikesh Kumar, the owner of the smartphone, had reportedly bought the device back in December of last year and has been using it as his daily driver until recently.

Then suddenly, on Friday, he felt the phone get hot in his pocket. He reportedly took it out, saw smoke coming from the heated smartphone and in the panic, threw it towards his bag, laying nearby. The phone then exploded and sat the bag on fire.

Initially, the user reported that he was disappointed by the service he received by Xiaomi, as they suspected he did something to the phone beforehand. Kumar stated that he had only used the Redmi’s original charger that came in the box, and had 90% battery charge when the incident had occurred. According to him, a delay of no more than 5 seconds to take out the phone from his pocket could have put his safety at risk.

In response to the situation, Xiaomi explained that the incident was due to previous damage to the device, which might have tampered with the integrity of the lithium polymer battery. The company stated it has ensured customer satisfaction and it has provided Kumar all the necessary assistance. The company did not provide any more details about the type of damage, done to the phone, that could have made the battery explode.

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