8 megapixel PureView camera rumored for the Nokia Lumia 920

8 megapixel PureView camera rumored for the Nokia Lumia 920
If the following rumor turns out to be on the right track, quite a few Nokia fans will be pretty underwhelmed. That is because although the leaked Nokia Lumia 920 is expected to be marketed as a PureView device, the actual megapixel count of its image sensor will allegedly be far lower than expected. 

So, how low is low, you ask? Well, 8 megapixels, according to sources for The Verge. That is still pretty good by today's norms, yet still light years away from the rumored 21-megapixel one we heard about. Still, the number of megapixels isn't the only thing that image quality depends on. It is said that the 8-megapixel camera on the Nokia Lumia 920 will possess some advanced image stabilization features and camera software to match. As a side note, the front-facing camera on the device will be of 1.3 megapixels.

Another Nokia Lumia 920 feature that the tipster mentions is wireless charging, enabled by a conductive strip embedded in the back plate of the smartphone. What's more is that the handset will comply with the Qi standard for wireless charging, meaning that it will work with Qi-supporting charging docks. Last but not least, it is claimed that 32GB of on-board storage will be available, alongside a gig of RAM, a dual-core 1.5GHz processor, and a 4.5-inch display with HD resolution. 

The Lumia 920 is expected to be announced at the press event that Nokia is hosting on September 5, and that is when we'll find out whether any of the information above holds water. Rest assured that we will be keeping a close eye on the event.

source: The Verge
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