72% of mobile network users expect their carrier to provide good performance constantly

72% of mobile network users expect their carrier to provide good performance constantly
Smartphone and tablet users might be asking too much from their mobile operators. According to a survey conducted by traffic management vendor Vasona Networks, 72% of mobile data users expect their carrier to be on top of their game all of the time, providing good data performance 24/7. Consumers are also quicker to blame their carrier when things go awry. Last year, 64% of mobile device users said that they expected their mobile carrier to be problem-free all of the time.

The survey shows that 55% of smartphone and tablet users blame their mobile network providers if an application does not run correctly. That is a pretty sharp rise from the 40% last year, who were quick to blame their mobile operator for problems with applications. 42% of those surveyed said that they would indeed recommend the carrier they use, to a friend seeking "great broadband performance." Just 9% said that they wouldn't recommend the company they currently get mobile service from. Lastly, 32% said that when choosing a mobile carrier, the quality of mobile internet performance is important. Last year, that figure was 29%

From August 7th through the 11th, 1111 people were surveyed. The answers indicate that the public is quite demanding when it comes to mobile data service, and is quick to lash out at the carriers when things go wrong. Would you consider yourself part of the majority with your attitude toward the mobile operator that keeps you connected?

source: FierceWireless


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