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7 things we would like to see in the Samsung Galaxy S7

Posted: , posted by Paul K.

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Concept image by Jermaine Smit

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is among the most exciting launches of 2016, and while there are a lot of rumors and leaks out there, we still don't know the exact specifics in terms of upgrades and features that are to be added or removed. So, just like any smartphone lovers out there, we too have our secret wishlist of things we'd love to see in Sammy's next flagship.

Now, while our wishes are based on actual rumors, or features and technology that is already present on other smartphones, this here is by no means a rumor roundup of any kind. If you want to check out everything we've heard about the Galaxy S7 thus far, do read the rumor review over here. For this article, we list the 7 things that would take the S7 a step up from last year's Galaxy S6 in our eyes, aside from the obvious processor upgrade.

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