7 extremely addictive mobile games like Slither.io that will keep you entertained for hours

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Dear PhoneArena readers, we are going to be honest with all of you now. We've been playing Slither.io non-stop for the past few weeks and we think we have developed an addiction for the easy-to-learn and hard-to-master title.

Slither.io is just one of the more recent representatives of that game genre that require you to grow by eating particles and try to survive, as other players are also trying to eat you and promptly put an end to your winning spree. Think of it as a new player-vs-player twist on that classic Nokia game, Snake.

Well, apart from Slither.io, there's a host of other games that employ the very same or pretty similar premise. Need we mention Agar.io, another wildly popular title that also made us lose lots of time trying to get our names to the top of the leaderboards?

So, we decided it's only fitting if we show you a deal of similar games that might very well become your next addiction. Slither.io, due to obvious reasons, won't be included.

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Price: free

This is probably the one that started it all. You play as a gelatinous blob that is initially a minuscule one, but quickly gets bigger as you consume food and evade the rest of the human-controlled gelatinous blobs on the map that are trying to consume. You can customize your blob with different skins, which is funnier than the game itself. There are mobile versions of this one, but their control schemes are not terribly convenient - agar.io is best played on a desktop browser. Regardless, it's quite addictive. 

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Love tanks? In case you do, either World of Tanks or War Thunder is your poison. Well, that's about to change, as we have a new ultra-addictive, tank-centric game on the block that's sporting slightly different mechanics - Tank.io In this one, your goal is to control your tank and shoot stuff, which then allows you to upgrade your tank. Stay away from other tanks' line of fire and you might just survive long enough to upgrade your tank and control the coveted ultra-rare eight-gun tank that destroys anything in its path.

Meme: Eat 'Em All!

Download: iOS
Price: free

Yes, we know, rage face memes are so 2011 but there's still some charisma surrounding these. In Meme: Eat 'Em All, you get to play as a rage face -"You don't say", "Troll face", "We've got a badass over here", "Y U No", "Forever Alone", "Derp & Derpina", "Me Gusta", and all the other archaic by now memes are on board. No surprises in the gameplay department - you have to eat blobs of food in order to grow, but this will only increase your size by a tiny margin, so you have to go after the larger rage faces out there. Just like in Agar.io, you should try to eat those that are smaller than you and avoid the larger ones at all costs. After all, they are also trying to get you and consume you in a timely manner. Meme: Eat 'Em All! is only available on iOS, mind you.


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For all intents and purposes, Mitos.is can be regarded as a better and more streamlined version of Agar.io. For one, unlike the latter, it's better optimized for mobile devices. Generally, it's having the same premise - you eat cells to grow bigger and try to fend off the larger hostile cells that wouldn't mind taking a bite of you. Just like in Agar.io, you can split yourself in half and expel mass for a speed bonus. In order to achieve victory, you have a surplus of upgrades at your disposal. Finally, there are lots of game modes that will keep you entertained for a long time.

Dots: Eat 'Em All

Download: iOS
Price: free

Dots: Eat 'Em All is extremely similar to Agar.io and Mitos.is. You play as a dot and you need to consume ohter dots so as to become bigger. Of course, getting to the top of the charts is your top priority. In order to do so, you have to summon the spirits of your ancestors and ask for their aid - well, not really, but an advanced strategy will certainly be helpful!

Osmos HD

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Price: $2.99

This one is a singleplayer game, but we think it deserves your attention as it's a beautifully-crafted game. That's Osmos HD, in which you are a cell that needs to absorb smaller motes. You move around by propelling material, but beware, as this makes you diminish in size. This makes you vulnerable to attacks from bigger motes, so you need to nail the balance between moving the least and consuming as many motes as possible.


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Price: free

Unsurprisingly, you play as a blob in this one. We know, it's been a long time since we showed you all a game with that premise! Well, Nebulous is similar to the ilk of Agar.io, Mitos.is, and all the similar games, though it's a bit like Osmos HD. You move around by ejecting stuff, so don't just dart out there full speed ahead - you'd quickly become a speck, a miniature shadow of your larger former self. You can also split yourself in numerous blobs. Customization has also made the cut.

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