5G iPhone 12 line suffers from a serious screen defect; Apple plans a software update

5G iPhone 12 line suffers from a serious screen defect; Apple plans a software update
It seems as though green is the favorite color of the smartphone gremlins that cause bugs. Earlier this year, following an update, the Exynos powered version of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra displayed a green tinted screen. Also this year, the OnePlus 8 Pro suffered from a problem that turned gray colors to green at low brightness levels. What would be an issue with the screen on an Android phone without the Pixel getting involved. Last year, it was the Pixel 4 XL screen that appeared to have a green tint when the brightness was set at 40% or below.

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Apple iPhone 12 series devices are marred by patches of green and gray on the displays

The Apple iPhone also has had its own green tint story this year with the iPhone 11 Pro Max; an update to iOS 13.6.1 helped get rid of the green. But according to some iPhone 12 series owners complaining on Apple's support website, the brand spanking new 5G enabled models are having a similar problem with patches of the screen glowing green and gray. As one Apple Communities member with the handle m4x1k wrote "Hello. I bought two iPhone 12 and both has the same issue. In dark surrounding on any brightness lower than 90-100% screen has this ugly glowing! Black pixels are not turning off in dynamic scenes. In static scene black pixels turning off after few seconds." In response, David2762 noted that "I can confirm this problem. Three iPhone 12 Pros (2 in Germany and 1 in the USA) have this problem. It’s really a bummer how such an expensive phone has such a major problem with the display. My iPhone 11 Pro was perfect. I’m returning it and hope the iPhone 12 Pro Max does not have this problem!"

The complaints seem to indicate that the green or gray glow are showing up when the display brightness is set at 90% or lower. Some users have seen the issue disappear after showing up on the screen for a short period of time.

One person who has been in contact with Apple said that he has received a replacement unit from the company twice, although sending out replacement units doesn't seem like the direction in which Apple wants to go. Apple reportedly is working on a software update that will solve the issue. MacRumors obtained an internal memo sent by Apple this week to Apple Authorized Service Providers. In the memo, Apple made it clear that it is familiar with the issues thanks to messages being sent to them by iPhone 12 series owners. Apple has told technicians to avoid servicing affected 2020 iPhone models and instead recommended that they tell customers to make sure that they continue to update their iPhone in a timely manner. That comment would seem to suggest that Apple feels pretty damn sure that it will be able to solve this problem via the dissemination of a software update.

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