If you've got the cash, this is the perfect gift for super Apple and Steve Jobs fans

If you've got the cash, this is the perfect gift for super Apple and Steve Jobs fans
This past June 7th was the tenth anniversary of the unveiling of the iPhone 4. It was the last iPhone that was introduced personally by Steve Jobs who passed away on October 11th, 2011, exactly one day after the iPhone 4s was shown off to the public. The iPhone 4 was the first iPhone that featured a major redesign that led Jobs to compare the device to "... a beautiful old Leica camera." Apple returned to that look with this years' iPhone 12 Series, which happen to include the first iPhone models equipped with 5G connectivity.

With all of this in mind, Caviar Royal Gifts, known for its luxury iPhone casings, is honoring the tenth anniversary of the iPhone 4 and the last iPhone unveiled by Steve Jobs with a custom version of the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Available in a black titanium, white, and luxury gold, inside the iconic Apple logo on the back of each unit is a little piece of one of Jobs' legendary turtleneck shirts. Only ten units of each model will be available with pricing starting at $6,490 for the black 128GB iPhone 12 Pro and ranging to $8,910 for a 512GB iPhone 12 Pro Max in Luxury Gold. At the bottom of the rear display is Jobs' signature along with Apple's "Think different" advertising slogan.

Caviar is also offering the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max in the design of the first-generation iPhone. And if you're really a true blue Steve Jobs fan, you can pick up a customized pair of New Balance 991 sneakers, the model that Jobs was partial to. Part of one of Jobs' iconic turtlenecks is attached to the tongue of the sneaker while the Think different slogan is  embroidered on the laces. The price? $1,830 for each pair and there is a limited run of 30 pair.

Perhaps you're lucky enough to have an income that prevents you from gagging when you hear these prices (especially in a pandemic). But if you're like most people, you'll find it hard to justify spending such large sums of money for a fragment of a turtleneck shirt even if said shirt was worn by Steve Jobs.

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