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5G suppliers are waiting on Apple to choose if iPhone 12 will be delayed

5G suppliers are waiting on Apple to choose if iPhone 12 will be delayed
As we find ourselves in times of financial uncertainty, and smartphone sales are lower than they've ever been in the past 10 years, a Digitimes (via AppleInsider) report claims that several suppliers of 5G modules are waiting on Apple before starting their mass production.

Among the suppliers, listed are TSMC and ASE Technology, which claim to be prepared for production, but are waiting on Apple to reveal its strategy for production, and whether or not the upcoming iPhones will be affected by delays. If so, those assembly partners may delay volume production by a month or more, depending on Apple's plans.

As we've previously reported, smartphone users are less likely than ever to upgrade to a newer phone or spend a large amount of money on a flagship, with the coronavirus affecting everyone's financial security. Apple seems well aware of this, especially now, as the Cupertino company is experiencing a major decline in US iPhone sales, following the indefinite closure of all Apple retail stores everywhere outside of China.

In contrast, Foxconn, one of Apple's largest manufacturing partners has reported a 60% increase in revenue for March, suggesting that the Chinese electronics manufacturer is returning to its normal production capacity.

Last week, we reported on Apple's CEO Tim Cook announcing an internal virtual meeting to the company's staff, where he will be taking questions related to COVID-19 and the company's plans to handle the hurdles it's causing to both its business and customers.

Apple has been active in the fight against coronavirus with numerous donations, both monetary, and in the form of over 10 million masks for the hardest hit regions in the US and Europe. In addition, Apple CEO Tim Cook has been vocal in his support for China during the pandemic, and towards groups directly fighting the virus, with a recent donation from the Cupertino company going towards supporting six hospitals in China's province of Hubei.

Apple's first 5G smartphone, the iPhone 12 5G series is currently expected to be announced in September, with the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max likely to be delayed for October.
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