5 Android and iOS apps to help you make the most of your summer holiday


Oh, would you look at that – it's summer time! We imagine most of you have planned this year's holiday exactly like they want it – whether it's travelling, staying at home playing video games, hitting your favorite resort, or whatever it is that you want.

If going to festivals, visiting interesting places, surfing, and getting your drink on are among the activities you'll be indulging in, we believe you will find the following five apps quite useful! Have a warm and enjoyable summer from PhoneArena!

The Festival Guide

Official website: Link Download: Android, iOS
Category: Travel Price: Free

Summer is Festival Season, so if it's not you traveling to events over the globe, you surely have friends that do! But just in case you haven't made plans already, or you're looking for new destinations to add to your list, get The Festival Guide. Possibly the best authority on festivals in the entirety of media, TFG is a whopping 500-page magazine with profiles on over 200 festivals worldwide. Available on a low-cost paid subscription ($2.99 for 4 issues over 12 months), the mag features interviews with bands and artists, Editor's Choice awards, festival fashion trends, and a directory with events and all related information (line-ups, tickets, directions) – among everything else you might want to know in order to have a blast at festivals this summer!

Field Trip

Official website: Link Download: Android, iOS
Category: Travel Price: Free

Travel apps are your best friends when it comes to organizing as much of your trips, schedules, and appointments as possible ahead of time. Field Trip is one such app, made to clue you in on any interesting, less-known, or plain unique places and landmarks there are nearby. Working in the background of your phone, it shows an information card with details about the location just as you unknowingly approach it. If you have a headset connected, the app will actually read out the information to you.

Field Trip isn't just about obscure locations, it can also point you to nice places to shop, eat, and have fun at. This information will automatically appear on your phone as you walk near them. This app will turn your holiday into a journey ridden with discoveries.

Surfline Surf Reports

Official website: Link Download: Android, iOS
Category: Sports Price: Free

Anyone planning to surf through their break? Surfline, the official app by Surfline Surf Reports, will give you the lowdown on the present and future of your local surf spot. It will also give you access to 180 live cameras that stream surf conditions non-stop in real-time. Priding itself on providing the most accurate surf reports and forecasts for surf spots, Surfline will keep your attention busy with a stream of videos, photos, and stories delivered several times daily.

Surfline also issues forecasts for surf breaks around you, letting you know when the wind turns offshore, the swell arrives, and the tide drops. The service has proprietary surf forecasting models that provide detailed forecasts so you can perfectly time your surf.

The app is free to use, although video camera streams are ad-supported. Still, all users get a free 3-day surf forecast, while Premium Members are treated to a 17-day surf forecast.

The Weather Channel

Official website: Link Download: Android, iOS
Category: Weather Price: Free

Life knows few disappointments like finally arriving in your dream spot, only to be greeted by chilly winds and thunderstorms because mother nature had a fit. With Weather Channel's all-encompassing weather app, you'll never be a victim of such surprises ever again... okay, unless you are extremely un-lucky!

Still, that's unlikely, for the app has such a beastly toolkit that unpredictable weather changes barely stand a chance. There's a dynamic home screen that updates itself according to your current location, along with 15-day forecasts, weather maps such as those you see on TV forecasts, and personalized real-time alerts (breaking news, lighting alerts, rain and snow, pollen and so on). That, and there's even more functionality left for you to discover!

On The Bar

Official website: Link Download: Android, iOS
Category: Lifestyle Price: Free

If you are of drinking age, we expect you to slam more than a few drinks on your holiday as your straight-edge friends stare in silent disapproval. On The Bar (spelled 'onthebar' because who needs capital letters and intervals?) is a drinking traveler's app that lets you track your favorite (or otherwise notable) bartenders, stay in touch with your drinking pals, and keep a diary of your alcohol-powered adventures.

Meanwhile, crafty bartenders can use onthebar to notify their regulars when they're at work, create and share drink recipes, and post status updates. The app's cocktail database now numbers thousands of drink recipes and more are being added every day, so it's unlikely you'll run out of drinking ideas. Cheers!


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