35% of Verizon's data traffic goes through its 4G LTE network

35% of Verizon's data traffic goes through its 4G LTE network
It's been less than two years since Verizon initiated its long-term evolution, and for that small amount of time, the company has managed to move a significant part of its data traffic to the 4G network. An impressive 35%, to be precise.

What makes things even more interesting, though, is that VZW expects the number to increase to about 50% in just a few months. An obvious reason for that expectation is the recent launch of the Apple iPhone 5, which is the first iPhone with LTE support. As users switch to the new Apple device in large numbers, especially during the upcoming Holiday season, it's easy to understand why Verizon is anticipating such a boost in 4G usage.

Verizon's current LTE users represent just 12% of all its customers, and with its recent announcement that its 2G and 3G services will live on until 2021, it makes us think that there's still a long road ahead of the carrier and its 4G LTE network.

In terms of LTE coverage, though, Big Red is doing pretty well, as it has revealed that its 400th market will go live on October 18, with which Verizon is going to reach its goal for 2012.

via: Gigaom

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