14 wallpapers that are a perfect match for the Jet Black iPhone 7


The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are officially out. The wait is over, finally! As usual, the new models are a marvel to look at — beutifuly designed from top to bottom, front to back, and all around, with impeccable attention to detail — and this much is to be expected from Apple. This time around, however, there's a new star on the iPhone horizon, shining bright and selling like hotcakes, reportedly.

Enter, the iPhone 7 Jet Black – a blacker than black device with a premium high-gloss aluminum build that Apple has put a ton of care into designing and assembling. In order to achieve this level of gloss and seamlessness between materials, the phone's enclosure goes through numerous intricate procedures which ensure that it's going to end up looking perfect. Apple have put a lot of work into building what is essentially mostly the back of the device. But what about the front? Yes, it's made from the same type of glass, and yes, it looks good, but what about the biggest thing up front – the screen? How do you make it reflect the level of care that was put into making the rest of the phone? How do you transfer the seamless feel, the synergy between material, form, and color, from the physical dimension into the virtual world? The answer is simple. You choose to use wallpapers that were made for your phone specifically, wallpapers that take into account all the characteristics and intricacies of its design. So, having said that, and knowing how hard it is to find the perfect wallpaper — not to mention wallpapers — we present to you our finely curated collection of lock- and- home-screen wallpapers for you new iPhone 7 Jet Black. As a matter of fact, we think these wallpapers will suit the new matte Black variant just as well! Enjoy!

Everything begins with rotational polishing that removes imperfections from the housing and results in a clear, mirror-like surface. The enclosure then goes through an anodization process, which creates a protective oxide layer. This procedure involves submerging the housing into an electrolytic solution which increases the material's corrosion resistance and allows for dyeing.

A single component dye is then absorbed through a capillary effect, while actually becoming part of the surface itself. Finally, a magnetized ion particle bath is used to polish the anodized layer.

As you have probably already guessed, these wallpapers were not chosen at random — that's not how we do things around here — but were instead picked from Apple's promotional videos for the Jet Black iPhone 7, depicting the aforementioned processes. We won't be limiting ourselves to that, however, as we have curated plenty more wallpapers perfect for the new Black iPhone models. Have you seen the new iPhone 7 ad? If you have, you likely remember the mysterious deer – one of many powerful images in the ad, displayed on the screen for only a fraction of a second. We thought it looked great, so we decided to preserve it in this eerie wallpaper:

And we're not done yet! Here's a ton more wallpapers, perfect for both the iPhone 7 Jet Black and iPhone Black, exploring the themes of space and timelessness, of motion and stillness, and of monumental design and minimalist beauty. Enjoy!

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