Meta Quest 3 passes an important milestone as it nears one year anniversary

Meta Quest 3 passes an important milestone as it nears one year anniversary
The Meta Quest 3, Meta’s latest and greatest VR headset, has now most likely sold over a million times. Though Meta doesn’t really reveal official figures, VR enthusiast Daven Bigelow shared a screenshot of Meta’s First Encounters app that showed over a million other participants.

First Encounters is a Quest 3 exclusive app to help newcomers get into MR (Mixed Reality). It transforms your room into the surface of another planet and you have to stop enemies from getting to you through holes and cracks in your walls.

Realistically speaking, not everyone who got a Meta Quest 3 would have downloaded and used this app. So the actual number of Quest 3 owners is probably actually higher than a million. Bigelow also notes that 11,000 Quest 3 headsets have been sold on Amazon US in just the past month. And all this in around nine months of being on the market.

This tracks with what Meta told us earlier this year. The company’s XR (Extended Reality) division, Reality Labs, displayed promising Quest revenue for the first quarter of the year. And though XR is still a niche category by all means, it’s exciting for me to see it grow.

Some of this growth was probably spurred on by the release of Apple Vision Pro. Many people who might have thought of XR as a passing fad would have wanted to try it out for themselves after the publicity that Apple’s headset got. But, obviously, not everyone has $3,499 lying around for something they might not even like using.

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Mixed Reality can be yours for a much more agreeable price tag. | Video credit — Meta

I imagine Meta’s XR offerings are only going to sell more and more. The company has put years of work into the industry in the hopes of capitalizing on it before it goes mainstream like smartphones. It’s even working on AI-powered AR smart glasses, a much more compact form factor that many more consumers would be willing to use in public.

And I, like I’ve said countless times before, cannot wait.
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