Samsung could be working on a health and fitness-centric VR device

Samsung could be working on a health and fitness-centric VR device
A new patent application suggests Samsung is working on its own VR (Virtual Reality) headset focused on health and fitness, reports Android Headlines, a reputable news outlet. The new VR headset may be aimed at competing with Apple's Vision Pro.

Samsung working on a VR headset, as seen from a patent

Samsung recently filed a patent for a VR headset with the Korean Intellectual Property Office. It is expected to probably compete with Apple's Vision Pro, although Cupertino doesn't call its headset "VR", but a "Spatial Computer".

Samsung's patent, on the other hand, is for “Communication methods and apparatus utilizing avatars in virtual space.” So, the headset will reportedly display virtual avatars to the user by using sensors to collect information. The device should work with other wearable products like a Galaxy Watch or headphones.

Sensors inside the wearables could help the VR headset with gathering data. Examples of data that could be gathered include heart rate and calories burned, and the VR device could also have sensors like accelerometer, gyroscope, camera module, infrared sensor, etc.

These sensors would make it possible for the device to track your movement in real time. You will also reportedly be able to share workout and exercise details with other people in real time.

Interestingly enough, the patent doesn't reportedly include the word "headset". So it could very well be for a complete VR ecosystem, as Android Headlines rightfully underlines. The patent also indicates Samsung could embed a navigation system, and include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support to the device.

However, keep in mind that there's no official info from Samsung on the matter. And it's true that sometimes companies file patents for things that never come to fruition. But it could be possible that Samsung will position the VR device or geat as a health and fitness gadget. This will make competing with Apple's Vision Pro easier.

Also, VR gear centered on health and fitness could be a good strategy for Samsung. The company also has many health and fitness features on its wearables.

Whether or not Samsung goes the health route with its VR, it's a great thing that the company is working on it. Apple's Vision Pro didn't exactly revolutionize how we experience tech, but if it launches other competitors in the scene as well, things are bound to get more interesting. 
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