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  • Research firm claims Windows Phone 7 will overtake Android before 2013

Research firm claims Windows Phone 7 will overtake Android before 2013

Posted: , by Alan F.

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Research firm claims Windows Phone 7 will overtake Android before 2013
Pyramid Research senior analyst Stela Bokun expects Windows Phone 7 to take off this year with its popularity even exceeding that of Android since Google's open source OS was introduced in 2008. The reason for this explosion? Microsoft's deal with Nokia should help bring prices of Windows Phone 7 devices down. Besides Nokia, other manufacturers will also support Windows Phone 7 allowing for a wide range of styles and price points.

Writing on Pyramid's blog, the analyst says, "With the change in the price of WP devices, and the multivendor strategic approach of Microsoft, the main advantage of Android – scale – may be removed."

Sounds like an ambitious forecast by Bokun, especially when considering the momentum that Android still has in the marketplace, and the lack of it on Windows' part. And remember, it was a particular piece of hardware-the Motorola DROID-mixed with Android 2.0 that set off Androidmania. For Windows Phone 7 to copy this, it will require a major upgrade to the OS, which is indeed coming in the form of the Mango upgrade, and a particular piece of hardware that captures the attention of cell phone fanatics the way the DROID did in late 2009 on the way to being named Time Magazine gadget of the year. The hardware is the missing piece to the Windows Phone 7 puzzle that remains a wild card for now.

source: BGR

Pyramind Research analyst Stela Bokun sees Windows Phone 7 passing Android in demand by 2013

Pyramind Research analyst Stela Bokun sees Windows Phone 7 passing Android in demand by 2013

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posted on 10 May 2011, 19:08 11

1. Kabaht (unregistered)

I hope he dosen't offer advice to anyone important, what a newb.

posted on 11 May 2011, 03:33 2

33. Henrik (unregistered)

Yeah, even though I am a Windows Phone user and certainly believe Windows Phone to become a Really heavy player in the mobile world in the coming years (top 3 or top 2), I wouldn't go so far as to say it has overtaken Android by 2013. That's 2 years away from now, and Windows Phone don't settle for low-budget devices to run it's OS, so there's no chance in hell they'll be on the same spot (and ahead) as Android by then. Google hardly give a shit which devices Android is being used on, while Microsoft do.

But, Windows Phone it WILL overtake iOS - of that I am sure. When Windows Phone becomes "bundled" with Windows 8 and the tablet version of Windows 8, there's no stopping in sight. Mac users are just not that many. Simply look at a global perspective and put the user base of OSX in comparison with Windows. Done deal.

Google and Apple will feel it where it hurts, but This research firm must've been sketching those forecasts on a napkin around 2 o' clock in the night. At a bar. :-) Maybe someday Windows Phone is ahead (since it will become top 2-3 in the following years), but not 2 years from now. That's way too soon :-) They need time to build a solid brand acknowledgment in the minds of us consumers, and that won't happen overnight.

posted on 10 May 2011, 19:24 7

2. alec (unregistered)

the biggest reason android was able to gain so much popularity was because the iphone was only available through att. all the other phones when the original droid launched were awful.
also i have a hard time believing WP7 is suddenly going to catch up to android in the next year when nobody is buying them now but maybe skype will somehow turn things around

posted on 10 May 2011, 19:30 11

3. newfdog 13 (Posts: 64; Member since: 06 Mar 2010)

Ok. Who paid for the "research" from this so called firm?

posted on 10 May 2011, 21:58 5

22. Droid_X_Doug (Posts: 5993; Member since: 22 Dec 2010)

+1. He is smoking some serious weed. Or the firm was just paid a bunch of $ to put out this bullsh*t.

WP7 bypassing Android and iOS combined.... Yeah, right. It is a shame that today isn't April 1st. Then the article could be understood as simply an April Fools Day exercise.

posted on 11 May 2011, 00:02 7

28. JeffdaBeat (unregistered)

Any weed that gets a person as delusional to think WP7 will pass Android...I need to find the dealer...

posted on 11 May 2011, 01:36 3

30. remixfa (Posts: 14255; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

Technically anything is possible. Apple has let iOS go stagnant and fall way behind the times. Who knows.. time at the top could make google go stagnant.. but especially after todays announcements.. i doubt it.

If they were saying like "by 2016 MS could be very close to android in new sales"... i could see that.
overtake them in total sales by 2013?? WHAAAAT?!?!?
even microsoft is laughing at that.

posted on 11 May 2011, 05:20 1

36. vishu9 (Posts: 252; Member since: 03 Mar 2011)

pass him onto me too if u get him :)

posted on 10 May 2011, 19:32 7

4. Skidro13 (Posts: 65; Member since: 27 Jul 2010)

wp7 are weak. there are plenty of quality cheap android devices.

posted on 11 May 2011, 03:40 2

34. Henrik (unregistered)

You don't know what you are talking about, right? Right. Go study read up on the subject, stop being such a tool by just eyeballing the spec sheets. Specifications say nothing about actual performance and overall feeling, and if it did (as you would have found out when using a Windows Phone and not just talking about it) - you would see how pathetic the Android performance have been on 1 Ghz devices during all this they've been using them. It's not even close to the smoothness of Windows Phone. Go try it out for yourself in a store or something, and maybe then you will know what you're talking about before you write it? :-)

posted on 11 May 2011, 08:39 2

42. jbash (Posts: 344; Member since: 07 Feb 2011)

agreed, WP7 is by far the smoothest os I have used. Its amazing the leaps and bounds they came from WM6.5. Android is by far more functional but that edge is going to quickly dissapate. my $.02

posted on 10 May 2011, 19:32 4

5. bossmt_2 (Posts: 449; Member since: 13 Oct 2009)

More so than taking over Android, what I find this guy's prediction to be the Craziest is the steady decline of iOS. Don't get me wrong it could happen. Verizon getting the iPhone ensures that iOS and Android are the top dog. WinMo would need to grab nearly every single new smartphone to compete with them.

posted on 11 May 2011, 00:13 2

29. shyne (unregistered)

There is world outside United states..! and thats where Nokia still rules ..!
So its just a matter of time for WP7 to be in game

posted on 10 May 2011, 19:50 5

6. codymws (Posts: 237; Member since: 17 Jun 2010)

I doubt that... they haven't even launched any WP7 devices on the 1st and 3rd largest carriers in the US... how are they supposed to be number one by 2013? And iOS is that far behind? I doubt that. I bet Android will still be ahead.

posted on 11 May 2011, 08:43 1

43. jbash (Posts: 344; Member since: 07 Feb 2011)

Wrong! Sprint had WP7 March 28th with the HTC Arrive. They launched the NoDo update. The delay for Sprint and Verizon was due to the lack of CDMA compatibility. VZW has the Trophy launching soon.

posted on 09 Aug 2011, 15:19

56. darth8ball (Posts: 520; Member since: 02 Aug 2011)

Earth to jbash the Trophy has been out since like May.

posted on 10 May 2011, 20:10 3

7. HTC_Fan01 (unregistered)

You have got to be freaking kidding me! Android is the only way to go!

posted on 10 May 2011, 20:17 2

8. MorePhonesThanNeeded (unregistered)

Lmao, milk shot out of my nose when I read that story and i wasn't drinking anything. Holy crap what on earth, why would apple all of a sudden lose appeal and then WP7 just balloon in popularity greater than Android? This must mean they intend to sell to the entire continent of Asia. This is crazy stuff here, lol.

posted on 10 May 2011, 20:53 2

15. Lucas777 (Posts: 2137; Member since: 06 Jan 2011)

u need to go to a doctor then... haha and that definately wasnt milk

posted on 10 May 2011, 20:17 3

9. DontHateOnS60 (Posts: 867; Member since: 20 Apr 2009)

Right.. price is the problem. Not the immature OS that nobody likes, and the pathetic hardware that we've seen so far, especially from HTC.

posted on 11 May 2011, 04:35 1

35. Pringle (unregistered)

Well, in that case HTC made pretty pathetic hardware for Android too during that time. In fact, ALL manufacturers only had 1 ghz (maximum) telephones during that time, so they must've all been pathetic. So what are you talking about? :-)

The phones you see coming to different U.S. carriers today are the same phones (but rebranded) as was released in late 2011. It's the 1st gen, and only gen so far, Windows Phones (there are no more phones to choose between a.t.m.) - and they all had the same exact requirements regarding chipsets and ram. And WP7 is so perfectly optimized around those specifications that it didn't Need to go any higher to still work flawlessly (which can't be said about Android devices). And frankly - there was nowhere higher to go, since 1 ghz was the top cap (and speed) of development in the mobile world at that time. So there's no need to whine about it :-) The dual-cores phones of today are just Now arriving to the market, but they were nowhere to be found in the late 2011.

The HTC phones were actually pretty pathetic, also in terms of speed, but the LG Optimus 7 and Samsung Omnia 7 (or the U.S. version "Focus") was no let-down. It's a shame all carriers seem to rely on the "HTC Trophy 7" though since it's the least good phone for WP7 :-/

posted on 10 May 2011, 20:17 5

10. grams17 (unregistered)

The only way they would sell is if wp7 worked like wm 6.5. If it wasn't the old ui wm had they could at least outsell ios. WM 6.5 worked like a dream looked like shit. WP7 looks amazing works like shit.

posted on 11 May 2011, 08:51

44. jbash (Posts: 344; Member since: 07 Feb 2011)

most ppl want a shiny device more then actual functionality. Aesthetically pleasing is major part of the decision for most consumers. I think I can safely say the majority of us are geeks when it comes to phones, but we are the minority when it comes to consumer purchases.

WP7 will only be successful if it has Angry Birds, ask RIM.
(that was a joke :-P)

posted on 10 May 2011, 20:20 3

11. Cobjones (Posts: 14; Member since: 09 Mar 2011)

Didn't I just read that WP7 had activated less than 1 million so far?

This is definately not going to happen. I have a teenage brother and sister and they laugh at those phones... anyone they deem 'cool' would get and Android or iPhone.

posted on 11 May 2011, 06:37

38. Jagger (unregistered)

Wouw, your brother & sister know it all huh? And they are what, 14 years old? It sure sounds like it. Immature teenage snots, not old enough to tell what's what. I bet they hardly even know how to tie their own shoes yet.

I'll take your siblings advice in consideration and then throw it out the window, dude :-) Coming here boasting about your sister ... cheeses.

posted on 11 May 2011, 08:56 1

45. Cobjones (Posts: 14; Member since: 09 Mar 2011)

You can laugh all you want, but teenagers are the ones buying up these phones now. You might be buying into thinking 30 year olds buy all these phones, but you would be wrong.

Most people 30 and up only care about iPhones if they get a smartphone... 20 year olds get the best phone their carrier carries...

I would personally choose wp7 over ios, but it doesn't mean it will do better. Wake up and stop making fun of people you don't know. It doesn't necessarily matter what is best, it matters what is marketed best and ends up selling best.

posted on 12 May 2011, 06:32

50. Jagger (unregistered)

And why anyone on earth would consider Android being the top "coolest" is beyond me. It can be found on any $150 off-contract phones, and a whole bunch of other crippled-by-fragmentation phones too. Phones that are NOT being considered as cool. There's nothing "cool" about Android, it's not even marketed in that way. iPhone is marketed as being something exclusive and top-notch (which the build quality is), but Android is instead living through the hardware of it's phone manufacturers. So if no one makes a cool looking Android phone - the OS falls very flat on it's own.

There simply is nothing "cool" about the Android OS itself since it has no real stand-out feature not found on any other phone (other than being somewhat "open source") since Google are lending all their services to iOS and others too, and since Android sure isn't something expensive to get your hands on. Anyone can get an Android nowadays, and that's great, but it holds no "exclusive" iPhone "coolness".

Windows Phone on the other hand, it will hold So many deeply integrated parts of the phone OS itself. Windows Live Messenger, Skype, Office, Xbox Live, etc etc. Whether cool or not (which still is very teenagy immaturic), it sure feels more exclusive and one of a kind than the everyday Android ;-)

But hey, it's just opinions. And teenagers who are young enough to still ask their parents to pay for their phones are not really the one's being considered as yet either smart or well educated, so it might very well be true that they like Android for it's "coolness" :-) And I'm not even saying it in a self-satisifying way. Aww, I'm awful.

posted on 12 May 2011, 07:41

51. Jagger (unregistered)

Gah, my girlfriend was stressing me so I had to go. And now I'm back.

But the point is this: Android is a very good OS, very useful and very popular. But it's the tag "cool" that I don't understand, since the Android OS is as plain looking as it comes. There's no trendy fashion feel about Android, it's just a usable OS. No real feel to it. And how many kids are even using the vanilla Android experience (without bootloading something else than what came with the phone)? How many Android phones are Not using custom manufacturer skins? Eh, let's see - something like 3 phones in total? What you get when you buy an Android phone today is either HTC's "Sense", Motorolas "Blur", Samsungs "TouchWiz", LG's own skin or Sony-Ericsson's own skin. And is that justfully still the same Android for everyone? :-)

And back to what I said: If no phone is attractively designed, the Android OS falls short on it's own. It has features, but it lacks exclusiveness since Google care more about spreading their (web) services than they care about giving Android away for free. They got to get paid somehow, you know. Without income, no business. And people still sure buy phones for their looks, not just how they work.

Buh, I like kids, and I like Android - but is it really "cool", not just very usable and dependent on cool hardware design? :-) No need to answer, I don't have time for more of this anyway ;-) It's no pissing competition, we're just speaking our minds here. Good day, sir!

posted on 09 Aug 2011, 15:01

55. darth8ball (Posts: 520; Member since: 02 Aug 2011)

No dude their parents are the ones "buying" these phones. They are getting phones on the carrier their parents have and are getting what their parents deem as "worth the money." You show me a 14 yr old with his own money "not given or gifted by parents or family" and I will show you less then 1% of the population of teen phone users.

posted on 10 May 2011, 20:38 2

12. lilbranbran (Posts: 21; Member since: 14 Jul 2010)

Was this dude high when he came up with this? Windows is too mediocre to even think it can compete with Android, let alone iOS. With Samsung and HTC launching all of it's "next best" Android devices, who know's if even Windows will be able to compete with Blackberry. Yeah, nice try Windows.

posted on 12 May 2011, 07:46

52. Jagger (unregistered)

Yeah, as if they were not to release any new phones for the Windows Phone too, right?


posted on 10 May 2011, 20:42 2

13. Guest (unregistered)

Heres an interesting post i read from another site that explains this prediction in terms of hardware and software advantage that only windows will have. Image having the same os(w8) on all your devices. "The next major version of Windows Phone will be based on Windows 8, which will support ARM, but also x86. Intel won't have anything in the x86 market that will compete against ARM in the phone space though. All of this means that there will be a lot of crossover tech between PC's and what we call a "phone" today, although what is a "phone" today will be a pocketable computer in the future because of Windows 8's support of crossover tech between PC's and ultramobile devices, and that's why I'm not surprised about the predictions that Windows Phone will succeed. I'm also making a point that I don't think Intel will bring anything to the table in this regard. AMD and ARM, more than likely, but Intel? I don't see it. Atom is now a flop. Consumers know that netbooks are not a good value anymore, and Sandy Bridge won't save Intel in the mobile space. If Windows Phone is to succeed, it won't be because of Intel. As more and more mobile devices use Windows 8, Intel will lose relevance by not providing a compelling, low-cost multimedia-capable processor. The future of Windows Phone (due to Windows 8) is with utilizing such processors though, so I suspect the ecosystem's main players will change over the next few years, for the same reason why people are predicting that the entire phone ecosystem will change."

posted on 10 May 2011, 21:04 1

16. Surfy102 (unregistered)

I hate to say this, but if ever Windows 8 gets into phones on a major scale, we are going to see viruses everywhere, from the PCs to the phones. Right now, we don't see that problem with IOS and Android and that is good.

posted on 10 May 2011, 21:13 1

18. Guest (unregistered)

This statement regarding android and viruses is not entirely true at all. This is why antivirus companies are making money off of android app versions of their software. It will happen on any platform though.

posted on 11 May 2011, 06:40 1

39. Jagger (unregistered)

The apps of iOS and Windows Phone are checked in-code before giving clearance to the marketplace/app store. The Android apps are not checked at all, and can proceed to check-out immediately. So don't come here talking about a virus/spy-bot free Android :-) Go read the news, it has already happened a couple of times.

posted on 10 May 2011, 20:43 1

14. MrWilli5 (Posts: 77; Member since: 13 Feb 2011)


posted on 10 May 2011, 21:12

17. sk (unregistered)

yes, may be windos phone 10 will. as i have full faith in microsofts slow but agressive strategy to develop, together with pressurising their developers; that will never work.
testimony to the fact is number of windows app in market after launch of wp7. it will take them years to beat ios or android

posted on 10 May 2011, 21:52 3

19. luis_lopez_351 (Posts: 951; Member since: 18 Nov 2010)

Wait Wait Wait Wait!!! Microsoft can tell the future??? This is Bull! Windows just copies off Andy, Apple, Smybie and B-Berry(Who copies Web Os). No way WP11 is going to Be Top dog Not when Web Os will be Available on most HP Computers, Or BB probably adopting Android, Android Challenges Web Os on Desktop Os, Apple going bankrupt, and Symbian Finally improving. Sorry WP7 I hate you along with Apple now.

posted on 10 May 2011, 21:54 2

20. CRICKETownz (Posts: 980; Member since: 24 Oct 2009)

I think his predictions are coming from a developers standpoint. WP7 is in a great position b/c of its strong business/office potential & is already gaining popularity by the developer community. WP7 is said to be easier to develop apps for than Android & the software seems to be a little more quality than Android. Where Android fails is its multiple software versions between devices. For example, WP7 & iOS both have a Netflix app where Android still does not b/c its hard to write an app for several diff. software versions. Then you have big manufacturers like HTC on board with WP7, its only a matter of time before the rest follow suit. Plus Microsoft is not new to the smartphone game so there is some experience there. You got one OS that Microsoft has the opportunity to perfect plus its the only OS that has the potential of true intergration with a widely used gaming console. Don't get me wrong i'm not saying WP7 will have passed Android by next summer...but to surpass Android is definitely not unrealistic. Its not like we're talking about Symbian here (lol).

posted on 10 May 2011, 21:55 1

21. Immolate (unregistered)

I lol'd.

posted on 10 May 2011, 22:28

23. sam (unregistered)

This is not that time when windows 3.1 was launched. Technology goes very complicated. People don't need thousand of apps only need useable and fun apps. Mobile phone must have a capacity of fulfilling current trend activity as well as giving user much more fun and entertainment.

previous release wp7 don't have current trend facilities. In future I don't know. Wp7 missed most of hardware and software as well.

posted on 10 May 2011, 22:44

24. The Big Cheese (unregistered)

So price will sell WM7? How come no one is buying when the carriers offered WM7 phones at 2 for 1 and been free? How much can Nokia cut from that?

Microsoft thinks they can put Windows on a phone? All their previous non-Intel Windows efforts bombed.

Whoever bought this "research" study god their money's worth in laughs if that's what they wanted?

posted on 10 May 2011, 23:18

25. Some dude (unregistered)

Your smoking rocks!

posted on 10 May 2011, 23:28

26. munch (unregistered)

What a JOKE.....

posted on 10 May 2011, 23:44

27. Nine1Sickness (Posts: 154; Member since: 30 Jan 2011)

What a BOLD prediction. I recall a bunch of predictions on WP7 overtaking iOS and Android back in 2010. So far, Windows Phone hasn't even made a decent splash in the mobile world.

posted on 11 May 2011, 02:06 1

31. SemperFiV12 (Posts: 944; Member since: 09 Nov 2010)

Maybe not by 2013, but I don't doubt it... And if not beating Android in close proximity. All signs point to MS being serious about this OS and this platform, like it or not WP7 will be a major player in the smartphone world.

They seem to be making the right business decisions and hooking up with the right connections... They have the capital, they will use their guns and throw enough money into this venture - success, on a large scale, is imminent.

posted on 11 May 2011, 02:18

32. honey333 (unregistered)

i dont think microsoft 'll never have a taste of it with its dull UI's
and even nokia nd skype cant get ms there
nokia has great hardware bt and it is too relying on the wrong side, software which is too on the downside.
microsoft should concentrate on their pc experience or it will be then too late to catch up with google when it enters pc solutions,
obviously google will have a great piece of the pie there too as earlier.
hope to see better experice frm both the providers/

posted on 11 May 2011, 05:52

37. InspectorGadget80 (unregistered)

They must be either getting high or M$ Pays these dumb ass analyst to make up stupid numbers. Windows 7 didnt sell that many units too well. Just because NOKIA agreement to M$ you think people are going to buy it? Look at their ZUNE service they just KILLED IT.

posted on 11 May 2011, 07:46 1

40. fleppi (unregistered)

The 90's called, they want their "M$" sign back. They also want to you grow up and start being smart and educated for a change. Get your Android-fan boy goggles out of my face.

posted on 11 May 2011, 08:37

41. Jeff (unregistered)

I don't know what kind of drugs this guy has been taking to make such a prediction.
Windows Phone 7 will be as significant as Symbian.
Android will eventually become #1 if Apple doesn't do something about their boring ios.

posted on 11 May 2011, 09:11 1

46. jbash (Posts: 344; Member since: 07 Feb 2011)

android is number 1

posted on 11 May 2011, 12:47 1

47. SomeGuy (unregistered)

I like the WP7 os. It's clean and well thought out. In terms of stability and apps though? I haven't had any experience with that.

Back to the point, no way. No way will WP7 pass Android... Not even iOS. Unless they get a serious marketing campaign going.

posted on 11 May 2011, 19:20

48. Donk (unregistered)

And gas will be $0.50 a gallon, and the streets will be paved with gumdrops, because the cars will all fly....

posted on 11 May 2011, 21:48

49. Guest (unregistered)

Wp7 is a beautiful, functional, well thought out os. They will succeed (maybe not top android for a while) for a number of reasons. wp has user appeal with the looks of the os and the speed of the os. The hardware will be diverse but wont cause fragmentation sense wp isn't free and oem's don't have the option to screw shit up by placing their annoying ui's over the os. All wp hardware is flagship hardware with at least the specs of an evo 4g. Windows phone has only been out 7 months and is about to release their second major update which brings the os up to par with ios and android in terms of features. When windows 8 is released and crossover tech will be fully supported on your phone and all your devices run the same os (good luck achieving this dream google) is when wp will catch on mainstream. Peoples memories are short, android only became popular 2 years ago in 09, most android adopters aren't even eligible for a hardware upgrade from their carriers yet. It may catch on slowly but wp will be a major player. lets be foreal android is a shitty spin-off of linux and even though ms is late to the game they have the cash to make a product people want if they havn't already.

posted on 17 May 2011, 21:06

53. ej (unregistered)

before you guys talk negative about the brand new os.. you all should spend time with it.. the os is the most snapiest,fastest smoothest os out there.. even ios has nothiNg to it.... you can talk about theres no apps yes its true..as of today the marketplace has 17000 in 7 months.. and a major update coming up..its not all about the hardware, its about the OS. android phones has the best specs out there and i agree but the os is sluggish..the apps are iphone look alike, windows phone 7 apps are the most pretiest of them all..the metro ui, the panaroma apps and its all consistent on all the apps. with nokia on board,skype its a force to recon with.. google shouldnt be to confident because its the same attitude that brougHt WINMO DOWN....

posted on 09 Aug 2011, 14:10

54. bpstone (unregistered)

I own a HTC Thunderbolt and am very disappointed. It has yet to receive Gingerbread. My front-facing camera does not work with Skype. The battery life is horrid. ETC... SHAME ON YOU BASTARDS VERIZON AND HTC FOR OFFERING THIS PIECE OF $####! I'll never purchase anything else from that manufacture. After paying $300 with a two year contract it should work flawlessly. Especially months after the release. I'm not an Apple fan, but now that's what I wish I would've got instead. :(

posted on 29 Aug 2011, 15:54

57. Mr Ed (unregistered)

It's august and WP7 sales are still crap

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