Google Pixel Watch 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic: Which is the best WearOS watch?

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Google Pixel Watch 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic: Which is the best WearOS watch?


Android users, gather up for this comparison that shall decide the best smartwatch to use with your phone! In one corner, we have the the upcoming Google Pixel Watch 2, which is expected to fix the shortcomings of the first generation models, and then in the other corner stands the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic with its iconic design and cool rotating bezel.

Both smartwatches run on the latest Wear OS 4 supporting essential functions like voice calling, both watches support a bunch of sports tracking modes, both can track your sleep and have an optical-heart rate sensor.

One however is not released yet, so information about it comes from leaks and rumors and that one is Pixel Watch 2, due to arrive in mid October.

The one big advantage of the Galaxy Watch, however, is that it comes in two sizes, a 43mm one and a 47mm one, while the Pixel Watch 2 will only sell in one smallish 41mm size.

Let's see what else is different and which one should you ultimately go for.

Google Pixel Watch 2 vs Galaxy Watch 6 Classic: differences
  • Different design
  • Galaxy comes in multiple sizes
  • Galaxy has rotating bezel
  • Both run on WearOS 4
  • Galaxy has options with bigger batteries

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Table of Contents:

Design & Sizes

Same look, slight differences

The Pixel Watch 2 is expected to look extremely similar to the first-gen Pixel Watch, with a round body and the same, smallish 41mm size. The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic? Two sizes, 43mm and 47mm, and the 47mm model wears smaller than the size suggests.

Both the Pixel Watch and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic use an aluminum body, but the Galaxy also uses a sapphire display, which is more durable than just regular hardened glass.

Then there is the rotating bezel on the Galaxy for precise navigation with an unmatched tactile feel, while on the Pixel you need to swipe with your fingers.

In terms of buttons, you get a digital crown and another button on top for the Pixel Watch, while on the Galaxy you have two buttons positioned on the side.

On the bottom of the watches, you can find an optical heart rate sensor.


Different systems

The Pixel Watch 2 uses Google's proprietary band swap system introduced in the original Pixel Watch. It takes a bit of getting used to and requires using Google's own bands or an adapter.

The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, on the other hand, fits standard spring bar bands, but Samsung has also introduced quick swap bands with a button that you press for convenience. We find that system a bit more reasonable than on the Pixel Watch.

Google is also expected to add a few new bands to the mix in the second generation watch, so keep that in mind, but it already offers a good variety of straps.

Software & Features

WearOS 4 with a different feel

When it comes to software, both watches run on WearOS 4 and we are super happy to have two great watches on this platform, as it has helped re-engage developers and bring some life and some new apps.

However, the actual look of the interface is different as Samsung uses its OneUI 5 Watch edition, while Google has its own user interface.

The Pixel Watch 2 will debut with a few new watch faces with more complications adding for a more information dense screen, and we appreciate that.

We still find the Galaxy a bit more refined, though, as data fields usually show more information and you can tap to see more data right on the watch, while on the Pixel Watch 2 you have to open the Fitbit app more often to see your data.

One new feature expected to arrive on the Pixel Watch 2 is coaching, which will help you hit your workout goals. We still don't know whether this will end up being a Fitbit Premium feature, or a free one though.

The Pixel Watch 2 is also expected to get a new cEDA (continuous electrodermal activity) sensor for stress tracking. We've already seen it on Fitbit devices like the Sense 2. It examines sweat levels, heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), skin temperature and sleep data and runs that through an algorithm, looking for sudden changes. If it detects such a change, you get a prompt, meaning you are stressed and you should act on it with some mediation, guided breathing or as you please.

One feature NOT coming to the the Pixel Watch 2 is a UWB (ultra wide band) chip. This is used for precision finding devices.

Battery and Charging

Expect one day battery life out of both

The battery life of the original Pixel Watch was definitely one of its weak sides, so Google has definitely expected to make some improvements with a slight increase in battery size but a bigger change to the WearOS platform, optimizing it for efficiency.

The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, on the other hand, comes in roughly the same battery size if you compare the smaller models, but if you take the 47mm Watch 6 Classic, than it has a big advantage over the Pixel Watch in battery size.

Here are the battery numbers of these two and one other popular smartwatch:

  • Pixel Watch 2 41mm battery size: 306 mAh
  • Galaxy Watch 6 Classic 43mm battery size: 300 mAh (+5.6%)
  • Galaxy Watch 6 Classic 47mm battery size: 425 mAh
  • Apple Watch Series 8 41mm battery size: 282 mAh
  • Apple Watch Series 8 45mm battery size: 308 mAh

While it's still early to say, you should not hold your breath for extraordinary battery performance for either one, and most folks should expect to charge either overnight or give the watch a quick top-up right after bedtime (if you track your sleep).

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The Pixel Watch 2 is expected to use the same magnetic charging puck as the first one, which is a bit disappointing as the magnetic connection was just too weak, The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic charges with less effort, you can lay flat on a tablet (the Pixel Watch is raised because of the band design) and the magnetic connection with its charger is stronger.

Models and Prices

Google is expected to stick with the same pricing for the Pixel Watch 2 as the original model, meaning you have a $350 Wi-Fi version and a $400 cellular model. Google gave away a lot of watches with new Pixels last year, and we expect similar give-aways this year too.

At this price, the Pixel Watch costs a bit less than the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, which starts at $400 dollars for the 43mm Wi-Fi version, and goes for $450 for the cellular model. However, the Galaxy Watch 6 starts at $300, and the only thing it lacks is the rotating bezel.

Voice Calls and Haptics

Both the Pixel Watch 2 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic support voice calling.

A long press on the Pixel Watch 2 button starts the Google Assistant, which definitely feels way more capable than the default Bixby assistant on the Galaxy Watch.

Haptics were quite pleasant on both phones, so no complaints in that regard.


Here is an overview of the Google Pixel Watch 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 6/Watch 6 Classic specs:
The noticeable changes here are the new processor and slightly larger battery size.


At the end of the day, the Pixel Watch 2 definitely looks like a more mature product that might beat the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic when it comes to the modern design and the accuracy of heart rate and sleep tracking. It's a very promising device.

Both are expected to be on par when it comes to battery life, as nightly charges are still a must.

The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, however, has that rotating bezel which we really like, and it feels a bit more refined with more convenient charging and most importantly a larger size option which is missing on the Pixel Watch.

You can't go wrong with either one of these, but if you truly want to have an in-depth picture of their capability, check back here in mid October after the anticipated official launch of the Google Pixel Watch 2.

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