Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus Preview

Introduction and Design

Makers of 7” tablets have a reason to worry about. With the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, we thought that there won't be a new 7” model, but we were wrong. The pioneer in the world of 7” Android tablets is back, with a completely redesigned body and a brand new OS in tow! However, it won't be an easy ride for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, as this time around, it will have to face some tough competition from devices such as the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook, HTC Flyer and the upcoming Amazon Kindle Fire.

Overcoming such capable devices, especially the extremely well-priced Kindle Fire, sure won't be an easy task, but the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus does seem to be hiding a few tricks up its sleeve. Let's take an early look at the new Tab 7.0 Plus and try to judge whether or not it has a chance to succeed in this increasingly competitive landscape.


As you can imagine, the new device is now much slimmer than its direct predecessor, being just 9.9mm. However, even that is noticeably thicker than the 8.6mm profiles of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9. Even with that, the Tab 7.0 Plus is as easy to hold and carry around as only a 7” tablet can be, which is to say much easier, compared to 10” offerings, for example. The weight has also been lightened a bit, down from 13.40 oz (380 g) to 12.17 oz (345 g), which is always a good thing.

Although Samsung managed to equip the Tab 7.7 with an AMOLED screen, the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus will have to do with a good-old LCD, be it of the new PLS type. But this isn't really that bad, since the display is very bright, has natural colors, and still manages to present us with some pretty decent viewing angles. The resolution has been kept the same as in the OG Galaxy Tab – 600x1024. For the most part, there's enough pixel density to allow for some smooth images throughout the interface, though we admit that we could use a bit more res in the browser, where some pieces of text might get too small to be comfortably read from a zoomed-out view.

Along the left side of the device there are a microSD and a SIM card slot. Interestingly, with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, you can use the SIM card not only for data connection, but for voice calls as well.

Another peculiarity is found on the right side, where we have an infrared port. Finally, Samsung continues to utilize a proprietary charging port for its tablets, which is very similar to that 30-pin connector found with all iOS devices. So, don't think you'll get away with your trusty microUSB cable.

All in all, we like the look and feel of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, though it is nothing out of the ordinary. The device is all-plastic, but thankfully, feels solidly built.

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