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Recently, Samsung released a quartet of Android handsets for pretty much every Android lover wishing for a low- to mid-range smartphone. The most prominent of the four – the Samsung GALAXY Ace GT-S5830 has the familiar candybar styling with a large menu button and two capacitive ones that give it a typical Samsung look. With a screen sized at the healthy 3.5 inches, but with a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels, which just screams run-of-the-mill, it still looks miles ahead of the rest in the quartet where resolution gets pixelized to plain ugly. Don't expect anything extraordinary from the 800 MHz Qualcomm processor – it gets the job done without breaking the benchmarks. Actually, the Ace fits perfectly in the mid-range segment, so perfectly that it might even outdo the LG Optimus One in sales if Samsung prices the Ace accordingly.

But before we jump into more details about the Android experience, let's take a close look at the design of the Samsung GALAXY Ace.


The key word here is glossy plastic. Nothing surprising from Samsung, but we could still sigh and wish for something a bit more classy. The glossy plastic body has shapes actually resembling both the Galaxy S and the iPhone 4 together in a weird way, and while it is a fingerprint magnet, there is some allure to it because of that resemblance. Add to that the light feel of the device weighing slightly less than 4 ounces along with its average dimensions of 4.43 x 2.36 x 0.45 inches and you have a compelling mid-range phone.

You can compare the Samsung GALAXY Ace with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

The 3.5-inch TFT capacitive touchscreen (with multitouch support) boasts 16 million colors with a pretty average resolution of 320 x 480, but just the size of it ups the game in mid-range smartphones. Colors are vivid, but naturally, not as deep as on a Super AMOLED display. Sunlight legibility could be an issue – in one of the rare sunny days in winter we took the Ace for a walk and struggled to make out objects under direct sunlight. But all of this is expected for a mid-range device and we can overlook those flaws as minor.

Just like the other three handsets Samsung released, the GALAXY Ace has a microSD card slot on the side allowing for hot swap of memory cards. It supports up to 32GB of memory for your precious data and is nicely protected with a lid. The volume rocker on the left hand side feels comfortable to press, while the right side holds the power button. The top part of the Ace houses the microUSB slot used to charge the handset. It is also protected with a lid.

A mid-range device is a mid-range device, which means that a 5-megapixel camera is a nice addition, especially if we count its LED flash and autofocusing capabilities. You will find the camera on the back, which also holds the speakerphone grill and having said that we can now jump to what really matters – Android Froyo and its performance.

Samsung GALAXY Ace 360-degree View:

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1. Preetam unregistered

"We managed to play only MPEG-4 videos out of the box" Hats off to you engadget. You put us readers to shame. If this would have been a Nokia phone, you would have stated such a rant that Symbian is incompetent and wada wada, but no, this is Android, so it has to be good, we ignore every downside. Ugly screen? Bah it's andriod. High price for hardware? Bah it's andriod. Can only play Mp4 OMG? BAH IT's ANDRIOD. When will you guys stop.

2. pauldmps

Posts: 7; Member since: Feb 17, 2011

That is because you can download a different media player from the market & play your videos. Android can do almost anything with apps which Symbian can't. High price for hardware, is it ? Nokia is still selling those crappy S60 V5 handsets with resistive touchscreen over INR 12k & the Ace selling for INR 15k in India. Now you compare.

4. Rakesh Waghela unregistered

"Hats off to you engadget." Lols... It's not a crappy engadget review.. It's from PhoneArena ! These guys do late but sound reviews :)

3. eternal blaze unregistered

hi! :) thxs for the review...i have a says that it cannot support flash from what you have said,is it that we download another browser then we can play the flash content? and for the playing for videos,is it that we have to download players to play the vids as well?

6. kausarr unregistered

will ACE ever get android 2.3 gingerbread update.. bcoz samsung never provides an update for their devices..rather throw a new fone wid the latest os.. no updates for wave..galaxy 3..galaxy 5.. n new fones like wave 2..galaxy fir r there with latest os..

7. ps316

Posts: 19; Member since: Oct 19, 2010

Really stupid to compare with LG Optimus One, as optimus one is already on lower side from this set. "Very successful LG Optimus One", are you kidding here, really nonsense. My friend bought this set recently and this one really rocks... Only thing missing here is Flash support in browser otherwise it is almost everything. And I wont be surprised to see stupid review on this from you guys giving it around 8 out of 10.

8. yinyep unregistered

im a user of this ACE but....the camera...i set it to sunlight..n err...few more settings...n then i captured some pics. wen i off the camera n turn it on again,the settings that i had set jus now has now being reset automatically. my ques is ,how to retain the camera settings until i myself modify it? its quite fed up wen i hv to re-set my desired settings each time i turn on the camera.

9. magsob unregistered

i also got the same problem with yinyep..all the camera setting goes to default setting when close the camera application and open it again. its strange with the application if u need to setting after open the aplication..any idea how to get the setting of the camera remain as what we set before??

11. vikram12345 unregistered

i have a problem with camera of galaxy new galaxy ace is not taking 9 shots in continuous mode,.its just taking a single shot.what`s wrong with the camera.i am getting total mad,on the 1st day itself the phone started troubling me..i think i made a wrong choice selecting galaxy ace..pls help meout.

12. anki unregistered

not good enough like other mobile. when m storing fotoes on pc it will shown on very short type n there is no clearity on these pic...........i think this really bed step i taking to bought this fone..............

13. markson unregistered

my galaxy ace mble have some network problem.what can i do.anyone pls help me.

14. ankitpatel unregistered

dear friends i wish to get this phone if u are user of this phone please really guide me abut this phone thank you

15. afiq unregistered

hello... how to get the main menu like that? the square orange menu. where can i get i it. please...

16. Mithunraj31

Posts: 2; Member since: Nov 04, 2011

Hi Guys Do as i say I purchased Galaxy ace S5830 through Online Worth Rs.12890 ( Was very Happy by the features of the phone but Main prob lies wit the battery it was comin only for 3 to 6 hrs Max. But latr i Called Samsung Customer care (180030008282) and told about the battery prob, they told to do some settings wen u not using Internet (2G or 3G) 1) Make display brightness to Nil or 1 level 2) Make sure u UnCheck USE PACKET DATA Go to Settings --->Wireless and Networks --->Mobile Networks 3) Switch off GPS,Wifi,BT Wen Not Neccessary 4) Uncheck Background Data and AutoSync Go to Contacts ---->Accounts 5) Keep for charge only wen ur Mobile shows CONNECT TO CHARGER 6) IMP : Switch off Mob n then Keep for charge for aroun 3 to 3.30 Hrs After i did this Battery gradually increased to almost 36 to 45 Hrs But Wen u use Internet u ve to switch on USE DATA PACKET then Battery will be lastin only for 4 to 8 Hrs (Customer Care told Its the Prob with all Android Mob) And One more thing if u watch Movie r Listen Music battery will b thr ony for 8-11 Hrs If u Play Game in this then Battery ll be oly for 3-5 Hrs MAXXXXXXXX Hope My post ll help u a bit atleast But Guys as i ve seen reviews from few more people about headache, After Using this Cell i m also geting Headache a bit Dono Wats the Reason :(
Galaxy Ace
  • Display 3.5" 320 x 480 pixels
  • Camera 5 MP
  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S1, Single core, 800 MHz
  • Storage 0.158 GB + microSDHC
  • Battery 1350 mAh(6.50h 3G talk time)

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