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We’ve covered our fair share of sporty-styled Bluetooth headphones, ranging the entire spectrum of the category – so that includes over the ear styles and some in-ear ones as well. Some carry the qualities we want for the active individual, while others miss the mark entirely. With the SOL Republic Shadow, it’s been designed to fit comfortably around your neck for a secure fit, which can be used for all sorts of occasions; not just for fitness use.

In our experience, we’re quite familiar with this design style, as we’ve seen it previously in LG’s line of Tone Bluetooth headsets. Essentially, what we have here is a lightweight, flexible band that wraps around our neck. Unlike LG’s models, though, the Shadow is able to flex and move – so it’s able to stay firmly in place with adverse movement, as opposed to flopping around. On top of that, it features a rubbery like finish that enables it to endure sweat and rain.

Along each end, we have its ear buds, which suction perfectly into our ear for a secure fit. Even with running, they manage to stay in place to provide continuous use without the worry of having the ear buds coming loose during a run. Along the right section of the band, we have a dedicated power button on the underside – while the multi-function button is flanked by the volume up and down buttons along the top edge. In the inside area, though, there’s an LED light that glows in either blue or red to indicate its connectivity status. As for the left section of the band, the only thing there is the microUSB port on the underside, which is hidden behind the plastic flap covering it.

Pairing it with a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, we’re certainly astounded by the punchy audio quality it’s able to produce – seemingly favoring the lower audio ranges more than anything else. Therefore, if you’re the kind of person that loves to hear the rumble of beats and heavy bass, you’ll certainly be exposed to a lot of it here with the SOL Republic Shadow. Still, it’s not too overpowering to drown out mids and highs. They’re still well represented, but there’s no denying that there’s more of a profound effort to accentuate the lows. At the highest volume setting, the Shadow is able to retain its crisp quality – with no distortion or crackling.

Battery life is rated for 8 hours, and in our usage, it’s able to do just that – 2 hours at the gym each day for 4 days. We wouldn’t say that it’s a long tally, considering that some over-the-ear styles can reach well over 10 hours, but we’re very content by what it offers. Attached with a $99.99 sticker tag, it’s a price point that we find to be befitting. Although it’s what we regard as the ideal companion for active individual, it’s still a pleasant thing to use if you simply want to sit back and relax too – so it’s great for all sorts of listening experiences. Don’t worry, you can expect this to power you through your workout sessions!


  • Sporty design style
  • Great for fitness activites
  • Sweat and water resistant construction
  • Punchy sound quality


  • Minimal features set

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