Nokia 6555 Review

Nokia 6555 Review

Mobile phones have grown from just talking devices to multipurpose devices that we rely on in our daily lives. We now even have niche models that are geared towards one specific role above all others making it just a little difficult for us to pick out that perfect phone. So, what has Nokia done with the 6555? Well, they made it that jack of all trades. They didn’t make it in some weird crazy shape or have a keyboard geared to users who message but for the mass population. So, can this little multipurpose device still thrive when there are so many niche devices? Well, let’s take a look.


Looking at the 6555, you notice that it’s a very elegant clamshell phone. It’s all black with silver border found in key locations. Nokia went for a structure that’s very simple and this can be seen inside and out. Located on the outside are the 128 x 160 secondary display, 1.3 megapixel camera, volume rocker, push-to-talk (PTT) button, charger slot, and 2.5mm headphone jack.

Once opened, this simple design continues as everything has been crammed into the keypad portion but that’s not to say that it’s small. In fact, the keypad is very comfortable to use and the buttons are large enough so that you don’t find yourself pressing two at a time and there is enough feedback to know that they’ve been pressed.

The top is dominated by a 2 inch TFT display with a resolution of 240 x 320 which gives very lively and vivid colors and gave us no issues seeing the screen in bright environments.

It may be fat and heavy, at 99.6 x 44.3 x 19.6 mm and 97g, compared to today’s slim models, but the 6555 is still comfortable to hold.

Sadly, with every good design, there has got to be at least one flaw and here, there are already two. Firstly, the volume rocker is located on the top portion of the 6555, just as the first RAZR, which may not seem as a big deal until you’re talking and want to change the volume. Secondly, the microSD slot is found underneath the battery which means no swapping your card on the go.



1. unregistered

I have had the phone about a week and love it (that is comng from someone that changes phones like some do shoses) I have not used the internet or music features but found it to be great as far as texing, call quality and reception.

2. Jon Stafford unregistered

I dislike this phone intensely. Despite the fact that it is a flip phone, the keyboard locks when it is closed, and there is a delay before it unlocks upon opening it. So you can't just flip it open and start dialing -- you always have to wait. Similarly, I have found that you have to wait a tick upon answering it before you say "hello" or the person at the other end won't hear you. You have to scroll through multiple screens to put it in silent mode -- a major irritant when going to movies, etc. When IN silent mode, there is no beep to tell you when the call has been dropped, leading to many instances of my chattering away, only to find that there is no one there. The exterior screen has a very long delay before going black after closing the phone, which on many occasions has led me to believe that I had a message when I did not. Finally, the smooth, glassy surfaces of the casing attract grease and fingerprints like a polished grand paino in a household of toddlers. It always looks dirty. All in all, a disappointing phone.

5. unregistered

To put the phone in silent mode, all you have to do is press and hold the pound key.

3. Clarence unregistered

I haven't owned many phones so I can't say how many of them give you a "one button push" silent mode. I know My Motorolla v3xx doesn't. It does, however, have a one button push for vibrate mode - just like this phone. Is that what you meant Jon? Maybe not. If it is on silent mode, why would any phone make an audible beep to let you know you missed a call? It's SILENT. If you place it in vibrate mode, at least you know when someone is calling you. I don't even own this phone - yet, but I know it has a one button vibrate mode just by looking at the photos of the keypad supplied by this review. There's probably many other things this phone can do if one takes the trouble to read the user manual.

4. Shoe unregistered

Ptt button sucks. Every time I pull my phone out of my pocket, there is a screen asking me if I want to use PTT and that charges will apply. There is no way to disable this button and no, I don't want to lock my keypad. This is a terrible design flaw.

6. unregistered

Any ptt phone has the button on the side. Maybe that is something you should ask about before you buy the phone.

7. JubJub unregistered

You should still be able to reassign the button?
  • Display 240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 1.3 MP
  • Storage 0.03 GB
  • Battery 1020 mAh(3.23h 3G talk time)

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