LG Neon GT365 Review

LG Neon GT365 Review

LG Neon GT365 Review
The text messaging lineup on AT&T seems to get more crowded with yet another entry level device hitting the scene. First unveiled during CTIA, the LG Neon GT365 is an almost direct facsimile of the LG KS360 that our European counterparts saw a year ago. We've seen the fully rich features found on the LG Xenon. On the other hand, the Neon is an entry level semi-hybrid touch screen phone with a slide out QWERTY. Although it's made with the text messenger in mind, the features packed into the phone may steer it above the rest.

The package contains:


There is a very cutesy design element associated with the LG Neon GT365 thanks to its marketing towards the younger heavy messaging demographic. It incorporates a touch screen with a slide out QWERTY reminiscent of the late LG Xenon. The phone feels somewhat cheap due to the plasticy pastel colored  material used for the body.  Luckily the good contrast of the pastel blue and gray colors mix well to provide a nice balance. Edges are rounded and holding it in your hand feels natural without having too much weight (3.81 oz). We don't like that it adds some thickness (0.66”) in the pocket when the Xenon, with all its packed features, is still thinner.  We'd assume the cheap plastic casing would receive some heavy damage if it were dropped from a height.

LG Neon GT365 Review
LG Neon GT365 Review
LG Neon GT365 Review

LG Neon GT365 Review
LG Neon GT365 Review
LG Neon GT365 Review

LG Neon GT365 Review

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Surprisingly, the 2.4” TFT screen is crisp while reading text won't be an issue thanks to its 240 x 320 resolution with 262k colors that almost rivals the Xenon. Various shades of colors jump out and are easily distinguishable with the eye. Its bright enough to see in almost any lighting
LG Neon GT365 Review
condition and won't be too much of a hindrance in direct sunlight. Viewing angles are great with minimal loss in clarity when tilted. You can dial a number by hitting the dedicated button and start to press the dialing pad on screen. It's pretty accurate and a vibration occurs whenever you're pressing a number, but we're not sure why LG limited this function only to making calls.

When holding the Neon for the first time, the placement of the directional pad feels a tad awkward, but after getting adjusted, the raised round shaped buttons feel tactile and responsive. Still, would have preferred more spacing between the keys, as there were numerous occasions when we accidentally pressed the wrong button instead of the middle key It seems like the LG Neon GT365 was designed for left handed users due to the placement of some keys. For example, the volume rocker is located conveniently on the left side with the camera button next to it. Charging the phone can be accomplished with the proprietary connection on the right edge with the microSD slot located on the same side. The 2-megapixel camera with self portrait mirror are found on the back with the speaker phone. You'll need to press a button on the top edge to remove the back cover; exposing the battery and SIM card slot.

Left side - LG Neon GT365 Review

Left side

Right side - LG Neon GT365 Review

Right side

The 2-megapixel camera and speaker on the back of the LG Neon GT365 - LG Neon GT365 Review

The 2-megapixel camera and speaker on
the back of the LG Neon GT365

Sliding the screen from right to left will reveal the three row QWERTY and switch the view to landscape. It took roughly two seconds for it to switch and there wasn't as strong of a spring action as we'd like on the phone. Luckily the round buttons are easy to see, slightly raised, and somewhat spaced apart to reduce misspellings. As an alternative, you can use the gray highlighted keys on the QWERTY for navigation or dialing a number.  The only annoyance we had with it was the constant need to press the function button for a symbol and get back to typing letters. For example, you press the function key to end a sentence with a period. Then you press it again to get out of “function mode” and start the next sentence with a letter. Other than that, we found it easy to use the QWERTY.  The white backlighting provides easy viewing of the buttons.

The full QWERTY keyboard of the LG Neon GT365 - LG Neon GT365 Review
The full QWERTY keyboard of the LG Neon GT365 - LG Neon GT365 Review

LG Neon GT365 360 Degrees View:



6. austin123

Posts: 2; Member since: Dec 06, 2011

my dad use to have this phone it is very nice


Posts: 3; Member since: Jun 04, 2012

I had this phone, and I liked it, but the buttons will make your fingers hurt and the phone is very slow and laggy. >_
  • Display 2.4" 240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 2 MP
  • Battery 800 mAh(4.00h talk time)

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