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LG G4 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

LG G4 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

LG G4 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 edge
LG G4 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 edge
LG G4 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 edge
LG G4 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 edge
LG G4 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 edge
LG G4 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

LG and Samsung have been in constant competition against one another for the last several years, but if we’re to strictly base their success on sales figures, it would arguably be Samsung who would claim bragging rights. Seriously, there’s nothing wrong coming in second place, but when it happens time after time, it really begins to eat at you – and it doesn’t help when you’re always in Samsung’s shadow either. More recently, too, the results haven’t changed a bit, as LG’s efforts have been in vain.

Already, Samsung is painting itself as one of the big winners for the first half of the year, just because its latest flagship line has been critically acclaimed. One of them in particular, the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, is an incredible smartphone filled with beefy specs and a top-notch performance to make it a dream lover’s daily driver. However, it sets itself apart by its unique looking aesthetics brought on by its dual-curved display. LG, meanwhile, answers back with the new G4, which has the all the ingredients to make it a worthy successive phone.

Clearly, these two phones are rich in specs and powerful with their performances, but which of the two can be proclaimed as the superior handset? Let’s find out! 


Premium versus sophistication, the two designs are exquisite.

Due to its dramatic redesign, we find the Galaxy S6 edge’s design to be more attractive, partly because of the cool and unique aesthetics brought on by its dual-curved display. In the smartphone realm, it’s a very different looking handset, which is complemented by the premium construction of the phone – one that’s comprised out of glass surfaces and a metal trim bezel keeping the entire frame intact. Also, the Galaxy S6 edge is the more compact, lighter, and the skinnier of the two, offering up easier handling with one hand.

Well, it’s not to say that the design of the G4 can’t compete with Sammy’s new change, it’s just that it’s more of the same on the surface. Visually, there are miniscule changes to the overall design of the phone, which is still at heart a plastic constructed thing – so yeah, it doesn’t have the same premium quality as the Galaxy S6. However, the design is elevated a little bit more if you happen to go with the vegetable tanned leather casing, instead of the 3D patterned plastic ones. Impressively, it gives the phone a sophisticated look thanks to its smooth finish, durable feel, and the accenting Gütermann Mara style stitching.

For something so compact, it’s almost mind-boggling to find that the Galaxy S6 edge is stuffed with so many cool tech – and in this case, they’re undoubtedly regarded more as being amenities, since few phones offer its features out of the box. While the two handset share an IR blaster to turn them both into universal remotes, the Galaxy S6 edge increases its arsenal with things like its finger print sensor, heart rate sensor, wireless charging, rapid charging, and all the novel items attached to its dual-curved display.

Conversely, though, the only noteworthy things found in the G4 that the Galaxy S6 edge lacks is a user replaceable battery and a memory expanding microSD card slot. Needless to say, even though they’re only two things, some individuals find them extremely valuable – more so when this year’s crop of flagships seemingly dropped them.

5.86 x 3 x 0.39 inches
148.9 x 76.1 x 9.8 mm
5.47 oz (155 g)


Samsung Galaxy S6 edge
5.59 x 2.76 x 0.28 inches
142.1 x 70.1 x 7 mm
4.66 oz (132 g)

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

To see the phones in real size or compare them with other models, visit our Visual Phone Size Comparison page.


AMOLEDs no longer have a bad rap for being color inaccurate and dim because the Galaxy S6 edge has one of the best displays out there – and it’s unique for being dual-curved as well.

LG G4 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 edge
Surely, the two screens present here don’t disappoint at all, not only for the specs that read off the paper, but also for their polarizing qualities that help to attract attention. So, what do we have here? Well, the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge jumps into new territory with its 5.1-inch 1440 x 2560 (Quad-HD) Super AMOLED Display. To LG’s credit, though, quad-HD resolution is nothing new, as the G3 became one of the first smartphones to offer the pixel crunching resolution, but the G4 follows suit with a brand new 5.5-inch 1440 x 2560 IPS Quantum Display.

Details are plentiful, naturally, thanks in part to their impeccable resolution – though, it’s the Galaxy S6 edge that offers the better pixel density of 577 ppi, versus the 538 ppi tally of the G4. The difference is miniscule, honestly, just because it’s pretty tough to gauge them both from near and close views.

In the past, AMOLED screens had this reputation of being over-saturated in color tone – whereas with IPS-LCD based screens, they tend to be more realistic and natural. Oh my how things have change! Seriously, though, it’s the complete opposite thing here, seeing that the Galaxy S6 edge’s display produce the better color temperature and reproduction.

Starting with the former, the ~6800K color temperature of the Galaxy S6 edge display is almost near that perfect value of 6500K when it’s set to its basic mode – where the screen is neither too cold or warm, so it’s naturally toned. In comparison, the G4’s IPS Quantum Display reads incredibly cold at a color temperature of ~8000K – giving whites a noticeably bluish tone. Secondly, if we’re to look at their color gamut charts, we can plainly see that the Super AMOLED screen of the Galaxy S6 edge is better able to accurately produce colors at various gradients. On the flip side, the G4 produces colors that are more saturated.

Another measurement we have to look at is their maximum brightness outputs, which shows us AMOLED screens have closed the gap in this area – more so when it had a reputation of being underpowered. In this comparison, the Galaxy S6 edge shines brilliantly at 553 nits, which is aided mostly aided by its high-contrast mode. Meanwhile, the G4 doesn’t lag too far behind at 454 nits, so the two screens are more than visible outdoors.

While the Galaxy S6 edge has an edge in many categories relating to its display, LG’s decision to give the G4 a colder toned screen that produces more saturated colors is a purposeful one. Yeah, it’s not on the same level when it comes to accurately reproducing colors, but some folks will come to like the overblown and vibrant colors of the G4 screen. At the end of the day, however, we really need to applaud Samsung for its effort in not only coming to market with a quad-HD screen, but one that’s rich with high qualities in general – and yeah, it has that neat dual-curved edge to it.

Display measurements and quality

Maximum brightness (nits)Higher is better Minimum brightness (nits)Lower is better Contrast Higher is better Color temperature (Kelvins) Gamma Delta E rgbcmy Lower is better Delta E grayscale Lower is better
LG G4 454
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge 553
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posted on 07 May 2015, 07:32 6

1. FluffyBled (Posts: 542; Member since: 10 Sep 2014)

LG: Not all QHD screens are the same.

*Not sure what they meant with that!

posted on 07 May 2015, 08:37 3

12. Kakarotto (Posts: 254; Member since: 07 Dec 2010)

Just empty words.

posted on 07 May 2015, 09:16 2

26. SetiroN (Posts: 9; Member since: 04 Apr 2012)

Samsung's screen has 2 subpixels instead of 3 (pentile).

posted on 07 May 2015, 09:22 4

27. Kakarotto (Posts: 254; Member since: 07 Dec 2010)

No s**t Sherlock.

posted on 07 May 2015, 09:47 2

34. LGisgood (Posts: 833; Member since: 23 Jun 2012)

G4 quantum display is a big improvement from last year's g3 QHD.

posted on 07 May 2015, 10:24 2

39. LGisgood (Posts: 833; Member since: 23 Jun 2012)

I love these two phones

this is my judgement

Design = equal fashion phones
*s6 more premium modern design
*g4 classic with elegance design

Display=Tie its about AMOLED vs IPS

Main Camera=TIE

Front Camera=G4 no comparison
Day light= S6 a bit clearer ,G4 sharper and faster in focusing
Low Light = G4 brighter,sharper more details

Speaker =G4

some reviews said G4
some says S6
in my personal review G4 is ahead by just 12minutes

Performance speed=S6 no doubt

UI = G4



OVERALL=TIE I have these two phones already

posted on 07 May 2015, 23:26

66. waddup121 (unregistered)


posted on 07 May 2015, 07:36 4

2. Birds (Posts: 1171; Member since: 21 Nov 2011)

This is what I call a battle. I prefer the G4 simply for the size and heft. Overly thin and light phones need to be shot with pulse canons... I do not see how people can use phones with flat backs... Its so weird...

posted on 07 May 2015, 07:42 12

4. joeytaylor (Posts: 927; Member since: 28 Feb 2015)

To each their own...buy what you like...I've had the galaxy s, s3 and the s5....I've had great luck with Samsung and will more than likely get the s7.....no hate for other phones the G4 seems to have a killer camera. ..great competition makes great phones...so everybody wins

posted on 21 May 2015, 15:33

89. pleezzzz (Posts: 30; Member since: 03 Sep 2013)

Late on agreeing but your right live competion between Sammy and LG,nothing like pushing each other,but Sammy takes a step ahead even though the g4 is for me next year for Sammy and LG is night they have what they have this year plus g5 and s7 will have more close optimized64 bit soco

posted on 07 May 2015, 07:37 10

3. Feanor (Posts: 849; Member since: 20 Jun 2012)

It looks like the S6 Edge is the better phone it total but I'd prefer it already purely for its design. I don't know what's wrong with LG design lately but I think their designs are the poorest comparing to Samsung, Sony, Apple, HTC, Huawei. With leather or without. Particularly the plastic version with this diamond pattern looks like they don't know what to do to differentiate their design from the competition.
They used to have much nicer designs 3-4 years ago.

posted on 07 May 2015, 07:56 11

5. TheBiz (Posts: 232; Member since: 13 Apr 2015)

back design lg wins
ui sammy wins
day light photos sammy wins by inch
low light sammy beat the s**t out of lg

overall sammy yet the king of all effing phones

posted on 07 May 2015, 08:12 9

7. GeorgeDao123 (Posts: 431; Member since: 20 Aug 2013)

And performance, Samsung wins again. However, we have not had battery test, so I can't say which has longer battery life.

posted on 07 May 2015, 08:14 6

8. maherk (Posts: 4845; Member since: 10 Feb 2012)

Go ahead to pocketnow and check the poor quality of leather found on the G4(which you have to pay extra to get). He had the phone for few days to review, and the corners are already pealing off.
The leather back looks like a rushed decision to save LG's face for using the exact back design as the G3 after all the backlash HTC received for doing the same with the m8 and m9, and it is turning out to be a poor choice. Not just that leather can collect stains, dirt and scuffs so easily, but if it's corners isn't surrounded by a trim to protect(like in the Moto X), then it will start pealing off even easier.

posted on 07 May 2015, 10:38 1

42. LGisgood (Posts: 833; Member since: 23 Jun 2012)

what's the use of replaceable cover on g4?
you can buy hundreds of different types of back covers on g4.

posted on 07 May 2015, 12:35

49. Gatorsrule52 (Posts: 96; Member since: 18 Mar 2013)

That's not even true! I watched that review and he said that it was slightly changing color at the extreme corners because of his jeans. One reviewer said that the quality of leather seemed better than the moto x. I agree though that they should have used a metal border.

posted on 07 May 2015, 13:36

54. maherk (Posts: 4845; Member since: 10 Feb 2012)

True that he said it was discoloring, but look closely and you ll see that it is pealing off.

posted on 07 May 2015, 08:15 1

9. durrav (Posts: 25; Member since: 13 Mar 2014)

Design and UI is just plain taste. I never cared for Touchwiz. Didn't like LGs UI before either but 4.0 is a big step in the right direction, except for the ugly icons (which can easily be replaced).
For Samsung, the design has looked almost the same since the S3, only the material has been replaced.

For camera though, how can the S6 beat LG in low light? Look at pic 49 and 50. On 49 you can see the details on the building in the back which you can't on 50.

Sammy only wins on battery life. Performance on benchmarks isn't relevant. They probably perform the same in real life usage.

For me LG is the winner.

posted on 07 May 2015, 08:39 9

14. maherk (Posts: 4845; Member since: 10 Feb 2012)

"For me LG is the winner"

Trust me, there was no need for this statement, it is clear by the way you were downplaying the areas where the S6 won at that you weren't going to pick the S6 as the winner.

posted on 07 May 2015, 08:41 1

15. Shocky (unregistered)

The LG images are being sharpened as part of the post processing, that's where the so called extra detail is coming from.

posted on 08 May 2015, 05:25

72. ShaikhJGI (Posts: 223; Member since: 10 Jan 2014)

I wonder who took the Photos on S6(The terrible one against the Sun) when LG G4's samples just came in.
The same house pic looks stunning here far better than G4. i mean the 2nd Pic.

Same website, same place where photo was taken & difference is Sky to Earth?

Sometimes these kinds of mistakes changes the whole perception of the People PA. Being one of the best Mobile sites, it doesn't suits your honour. Watch out from next time.

posted on 07 May 2015, 08:39 6

13. Kakarotto (Posts: 254; Member since: 07 Dec 2010)

IMO Samsung wins in back design

posted on 07 May 2015, 09:46 1

33. LGisgood (Posts: 833; Member since: 23 Jun 2012)

G4 wins for the back design
it is changeable anytime you want to try a new style and design.

posted on 07 May 2015, 09:49 1

35. LGisgood (Posts: 833; Member since: 23 Jun 2012)

low light ? goes to G4 look more review comparisons.

f 1.8 and the Laser auto focus plus the OIS 2.0 killed the S6's camera in low light.

in day light i must say its A TIE.

SELFIE goes to G4 no argue.

posted on 07 May 2015, 13:31 1

53. marorun (Posts: 5029; Member since: 30 Mar 2015)

The S6 in very good light and perfect condition will sometime have a tad more detail but you need to zoom a lots or open the pic on a 50 inch screen to even see it.

But low light performance the G4 destroy the S6 its obvious as night and days.

posted on 08 May 2015, 03:01

68. maccess (Posts: 742; Member since: 16 Jan 2013)

nope the s6 destroy the g4 in low light with better white balance and not try to make the picture too bright like g4 did..

posted on 08 May 2015, 05:31

74. ShaikhJGI (Posts: 223; Member since: 10 Jan 2014)

Destroy? Killed? What you both are smoking here. S6 is on Par with G4 in night shots. G4 a tad better in certain situation agreed(No fanboyism there).
But S6 compensates that with shots in Good light, it shoots one of the best day light photos on planet. Both are one of the best camera phones IMO.

Overall S6 is a far better package though :)

posted on 08 May 2015, 05:36

76. WGACA (Posts: 66; Member since: 08 May 2015)

Well, even the night shots are not better on the G4. Read Android Central review. G4 tends to over expose leaving pictures unrealistic yellow with less detail and more grain.

posted on 08 May 2015, 05:31

73. WGACA (Posts: 66; Member since: 08 May 2015)

''low light ? goes to G4 look more review comparisons.''

Like the one form Androidcentral? S6 kills the G4 whch over exposes massively at night, making every shot way to yellow, not representing true to life colours and loses detail and has more grain. Read the review.

Check the review from Super Saf on youtube. OIS from the S6 beat the s**t out of the G4 during daytime filming. S6 also having the upperhand in colour reproduction and sharpness. So video daytime: S6, video night time: G4. Photo daylight:S6, photo night time: S6. Overall, S6. Android central with their more extensive and better camera comparison come to the same conclusion. Hell, even Corby the photographer who promoted the G4 agreed. Read the comments below on Android Central, 80% of the people give it to S6. Same on SuperSaf review on youtube.

posted on 07 May 2015, 14:19 1

57. marorun (Posts: 5029; Member since: 30 Mar 2015)

Are you taking crack? The LG is far superior for low light...

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