HP iPAQ 510/514 Voice Messenger Review
In February HP presented its new mobile telephone, traditionally using the Windows Mobile operating system. What is not typical about the brand here is that their first WM6 product makes use of the version for devices without touch (Standard) instead of the touch-screen one (Professional).

Though loaded with quite a few features (quad-band GSM/EDGE, WiFi, micro SD, MP camera), the HP iPAQ 500 series Voice Messenger is subject to certain compromises with a view to achieving an affordable price. Typically for the brand, the telephone is offered in the “Series” form rather than as a single model; the 500 series includes the 510 and 514 models – entirely identical, but the first designed for the European market and the latter – for the American one. We will refer to these as “iPAQ” or “iPAQ 500” here for the sake of brevity.



1. unregistered

Finally i found just the right phone that can replace my existing Krome M900i. Though a qvga display and slightly higher signal reception performance would be desirable.

2. MrJo unregistered

The screen is the disappointment, but you have to weight in the extraordinary capabilities of the phone, packed into a wearable form factor (belt clips are not fashion anymore). I have to disagree with all the comments about applications. Coupled with your average SiRF III BT received, that device runs TomTom Mobile in a superb way, and does not require ugly PDA holders that suck on the windshield. It's also great for hiking, and most applications will simply work fine. GoogleMaps is awesome, with this ability to search for businesses (e.g. get me a pizza place nearby), and even hiking software such as chtiGPS is usable and will get you back home. The battery lifetime is great for voice and data communication. Combined with Exchange 2007, the push email and direct access to the enterprise global address list works a treat! If you are into WiFi, reconsider your judgement after you have tried the SIP client, *built-in* the phone. VoIP is now possible from a device that does not require a purse to carry it around. All in all, and for a first attempt at producing a Smartphone, HP has delivered a business-oriented device, not appealing to teens, but with extreme power and feature rich. You get the WM6 freebies and even can use the device for playing your music. With 2GB microSD cards, it can deliver you with your choice of podcast or sync'ed music with Vista's WM player.
IPAQ 500
  • Display 2.0" 176 x 220 pixels
  • Camera 1.3 MP
  • Processor TI OMAP850, Single core, 200 MHz
  • Battery 1100 mAh(6.50h talk time)

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