YouTube Music will now be giving you a recap of new features once a quarter

YouTube Music moves to quarterly feature recaps instead of bi-monthly
YouTube Music is usually one of the apps that gets updated quite often and we are used to getting info about the new additions every two months. However, now Android Headlines reports that this is going to change with the app moving to quarterly feature recaps.

YouTube Music will now be getting quarterly feature recaps instead of on a bi-monthly basis

Previously, YouTube Music had a bi-monthly feature recap schedule. Basically, that means that every two months, we would get a recap of the new features added to YouTube Music. Now the recaps will be available once a quarter.

However, this doesn't mean there won't be as many new features as what we've been used to.

Alongside this announcement, YouTube provided a recap of the past couple of months. First off, you now have a little moving equalizer animation playing when you enjoy music. It will move to the beat of your music and will look just like an actual equalizer.

YouTube Music also recently got a new Samples shelf, which provides TikTok-style portrait slices of music videos. These are great for discovering new music and music videos.

Additionally, YouTube Music has gotten a revamp on the Now Playing screen, trying to find the best look. The buttons have been moved around and the overall look and feel have been changed in the past few months.

On top of all that, with Google recently saying goodbye to the Google Podcast app, maybe more people will be moving to YouTube Music to enjoy their podcasts over there. All in all, YouTube Music has even more reasons now to focus on improving the experience. So regular updates will remain a thing, despite the fact that you won't get recaps of them as often as you're probably used to.

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