YouTube starts testing more AI-powered features for Shorts

YouTube starts testing more AI-powered features for Shorts
YouTube continues to add new experimental features that elevate the power of AI. After launching Dream Track, a suite of experimental tools specifically developed to help creators make unique music for their Shorts, YouTube released a couple of new features that augment the power of Dream Track.

Last month, YouTube introduced the ability to add AI-generated instrumental-only soundtracks with Dream Track for Shorts. Since the first Dream Track test feature launched by YouTube last year only allowed users to create soundtracks using the AI-generated voices of artists, it made sense for the company to roll out a similar feature but for instrumental-only soundtracks.

Starting this week, a very limited number of YouTube creators will be able to test yet another experimental feature related to Dream Track. This time it has nothing to do with music, as Dream Screen uses AI to generate image green screen backgrounds for Shorts.

YouTube creators who already in the experimental group and want to check out the new feature can access it by following the guide provided by YouTube. To actually use the feature, simply type an idea into the tool to generate new images to include in your Shorts.

Although Dream Screen is only available for a small number of Shorts creators, YouTube says that it will roll out the feature to more creators later this year.

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