You can now link Fitbit and Google Fit with Google Assistant

You can now link Fitbit and Google Fit with Google Assistant
With the recent launch of the Google Pixel Watch and the close partnership with the wellness experts at Fitbit, which Google acquired last year, it’s obvious that the search giant is looking to make a serious push into the fitness tracker market. And it only makes sense that the super-smart Google Assistant would be able to seamlessly integrate with the current and upcoming features in Google Fit and the dedicated Fitbit app, right?

Well, it seems this time is upon us right now — many users can spot the ability to link to Google Fit and Fitbit in their Assistant Settings, and the feature seems to be rolling out to any and every contemporary Google device that supports the Assistant.

With the small caveat that, while you can link both Google Fit and Fitbit apps, you have to make the choice of keeping only one of the two active at a time.

Linking either of the apps and granting the necessary permissions will give Google Assistant access to:
  • Your activity metrics, such as workouts, steps, duration, pace, and burned calories
  • The distance you have covered during your training by tracking your location
  • Your heart rate data

A "Proactive health & fitness results" toggle suggests that the Assistant may display health/activity cards on your device, letting you know of recent trends, either to congratulate you on the successful journey or remind you to pick up the pace.

To connect Fitbit and Google Fit to Google Assistant, open your Google Assistant settings, go to the Wellness section, and choose Activity. Then select either Google Fit or Fitbit and proceed with the linking steps. Keep in mind that the feature is not yet widely available, so don't be worried if you only see the Calm app in the Wellness section.

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Currently, even if you sync them up, voice prompts to the Assistant will call up a blank. It seems that the feature is still inactive, locked behind a server-side toggle, which Google will probably flip once the update has rolled out to more devices. If this is the case, we most likely won't have to wait too long to ask Google Assistant to tell us how many steps we have taken during the day.

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