The Xiaomi Pad 6 offers improvements on all fronts without any price hike

The Xiaomi Pad 6 offers improvements on all fronts without any price hike
Today Xiaomi announced a bunch of new devices on stage, including the Xiaomi 13 Ultra and Xiaomi Smart Band 8, both of which are amazing devices. There is one more, however, the Xiaomi Pad 6, which proved to be a massive upgrade over the previous generation, as it is better in almost every way possible. Not to mention that — at least for the Chinese market — the price remains about the same!

The Xiaomi Pad 6 and Xiaomi Pad 6 Pro come with a new elegant, slick design borrowed straight from the company's flagship phones, albeit adapted for a larger size. It comes in three understated colors: black, blue, and champagne.

The Pro model also comes with the flagship Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset from Qualcomm, which is a first for the company's tablet lineup. That makes the Xiaomi Pad 6 Pro considerably faster, but more importantly much more efficient. The regular model gets the Snapdragon 870, which is what the last gen's Pro version had.

The battery has also been upgraded to an 8600mAh one, and according to Xiaomi, it can last you 10 hours of gameplay, 13 hours for playing videos, and 10 hours for work-related like writing and editing documents. But Xiaomi has an extra trick up its sleeve — a deep hibernation mode.

What makes this deep hibernation mode special is that the tablet should learn when to automatically activate it and when to turn it off based on your usage of the device. The company says this can extend the Xiaomi Pad 6's battery life up to "47.9" days. We are not too sure about these numbers, though, as it is often the case that manufacturers greatly overestimate them.

The next upgrade Xiaomi talks about is the Pad 6 series display, which now with higher resolution of 2880 x 1800 pixels, with a faster screen refresh rate of 144Hz. Software-wise, you can use the tablet as a monitor when you are shooting with multiple cameras, or you can connect it to another display.

Another new and useful software feature Xiaomi has included is the ability to decide whether the Xiaomi Pad 6 should use all its microphones during a conference call to catch everyone's voices, or just the front-facing ones to capture your voice only.

Embedded in the right bezel you will also find a 20MP selfie camera (Good job on positioning it there Xiaomi!) which has a new feature that might look a bit familiar to some of you if you have some experience with Apple's iPads. The camera can keep you in the center as you move around, making sure that you are always in focus.

Lastly, there are the accessories, which in the case of tablets carry a huge significance, as they help the user completely utilize the device. Xiaomi introduces a new version of its detachable keyboard and its stylus.

The new keyboard comes with a 16% larger keyboard than the previous generation, as well as NFC support for easy transfers of files. The 2nd-gen touch pen, on the other hand, now has 40% reduced latency, 150h of battery life, and better durability.

Xiaomi Pad 6 series price

The Xiaomi 6 starts at 1,999 Chinese Yuan (roughly $290) for the 6/128GB RAM and storage combo, while the Xiaomi 6 Pro begins at 2,499 (roughly $363) Chinese Yuan for the 8/128GB model. The pricing has remained the same as that of last year's Xiaomi Pad 5 series.

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