Xiaomi leaks the four different color options for the Mi Band 5

Xiaomi leaks the four different color options for the Mi Band 5
The next generation of the Xiaomi Mi Band fitness tracker is supposed to be unveiled on June 11th, just a few days from now. One of the few Xiaomi products that are sold in the U.S., this year's version of the popular wearable, the Mi Band 5, is rumored to be equipped with NFC, even for those models outside of China. This will allow the fitness tracker to work with mobile payment services outside of China. Last year, this feature was only available on the model sold dometically.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will reportedly act as a remote shutter for your smartphone camera and the big rumor has the device able to measure the user's oxygen saturation level. This is also going expected to be a big addition to the Apple Watch Series 6 this year. This feature measures how well a person's blood is being sent to his or her extremities. A reading in the 95-100% range is considered okay with a reading under 90% considered to be a problem. A menstrual cycle tracker is said to be part of the Mi Band 5 and the latest version of the device should support Amazon's Alexa digital assistant although Alexa will most likely be responding through the user's smartwatch.

The fitness tracker will monitor 11 physical activities including some new ones this year like yoga and indoor bicycling. That brings the total number of different activities tracked by the device to 11. Pricing is supposed to be in the neighborhood of 200 yuan (roughly $28 USD). Also there will be a new plug-in charging system for the device.

A teaser for the Mi Band 5 was posted on China's Weibo social media site today (via XDA) showing the color options for the new models: black, yellow, orange, and olive green. The latter is the only one of the color options that continues the same color from both straps to the side of the device; the others all have a black side.

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